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CuteCI is a simple tool allowing you to install Qt with desired packages in headless mode.

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CuteCI is a simple tool allowing you to install Qt framework with desired packages in headless mode. Qt installers are using Qt Installer Framework which provides scripting ability, CuteCI takes advantage of this.


  • Python3 pip3
  • cuteci is in Python but has only been tested on Ubuntu (+docker).
  • cuteci is tested with latest patch version of Qt 5.9 5.12 5.13, 5.14 (5.10 5.11 are not online anymore).


pip3 install cuteci


cuteci does few things:

  • Download Qt installer if you pass an url
  • Make installer executable
  • Install Qt with desired packages in the directory you choose

cuteci can also only lists packages available in the installer.


Common options:

  • --installer (required): path or url to Qt installer. If url, choose an official one from, this is because md5sums.txt is retrieved implicitely from it.
  • --ui: if set, Qt installer UI is shown (useful for debugging).
  • --rm: if set, Qt installer is removed at the end.
  • --timeout: duration in seconds to wait for the operation to be finished.

List packages

cuteci \
    --installer <path or official url> \
    [--ui] [--rm] \

Will output:

qt    Qt
qt.qt5.5122    Qt 5.12.2    Developer and Designer Tools
qt.installer.changelog    Qt Installer Changelog
qt.license.lgpl    Qt License LGPL
qt.license.thirdparty    Qt 3rd Party Licenses
qt.license.python    Python Software Foundation License Version 2
qt.license.gplv3except    License GPL3-EXCEPT
qt.qt5.5122.gcc_64    Desktop gcc 64-bit
qt.qt5.5122.android_x86    Android x86
qt.qt5.5122.android_arm64_v8a    Android ARM64-v8a
qt.qt5.5122.android_armv7    Android ARMv7


cuteci \
    --installer <path or official url> \
    [--ui] [--rm] \
    install \
    --destdir /opt/Qt \
    --packages qt.qt5.5122.gcc_64,qt.qt5.5122.android_x86 \
    [--verbose] [--keep-tools]


  • destdir should not contain a previous Qt installation (unless it has been installed with cuteci), otherwise installer will complain and script does not handle it.
  • If --keep-tools is set, QtCreator, Maintenance Tools, samples and doc will be kept, but you will not be able to install another version of Qt in destdir.

Docker integration

Here is the sample of a minimalist Dockerfile using cuteci to install Qt 5.12.2:

FROM ubuntu:18.04

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \
    libdbus-1-3 \
    xvfb \
    libfontconfig \
    python3 \
    # For some reason Qt installer 5.12 requires:
    libxrender1 \

RUN pip3 install cuteci && \
    cuteci \
        --rm \
        --installer \
        install \
        --destdir /opt/Qt \
        --packages qt.qt5.5122.gcc_64

ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/bash"]

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