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A simple tool to select the first available GPU(s) and run Python

Project description

Cuthon is a simple Python script to avoid setting CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES when running python programs on a GPU. The script will find the first unused GPU(s) then run the program as usual. At its simplest:


This tool is intended for a fairly niche use case: running python programs on an interactive node which has more than one GPU. For those that have done this often you may be relieved at never having to run nvidia-smi followed by setting CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES again (when running a python program that is).


Install with pip:

pip install cuthon


In general, use cuthon just like you would use python.

  • cuthon to launch a python repl.

  • cuthon -V to see the python version number.

  • cuthon to run your program.

For help on available cuthon options type:

cuthon -h --

The output will be:

usage: [-h] [-n NUM_GPUS] [-l]

Select the first unused GPU(s) and run Python. To pass the script arguments
specify '--' between cuthon arguments and arguments to be passed through to
your script. If '--' is not specified, then all arguments will be passed

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n NUM_GPUS, --num_gpus NUM_GPUS
                        The number of GPUs to use.
  -l, --least_used      Switch from an unused to a least-used policy.

For example, to run on two available GPUs execute:

cuthon -n 2 --

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