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A script for managing cves

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A python script that:

a) parses NIST NVD CVEs, b) prcoesses and exports them to CSV files, c) creates a postgres database and imports all the data in it, and d) provides query capabilities for this CVEs database.

It required Python 2.7.x (soon to be migrated to Python 3)

Usage examples:

  • Download, parse and save in CSV files all CVEs from NIST NVD: ./ -d -p -csv

  • Create a postgresql database to host the downloaded CVEs: ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -ow <new_owner of database> -cd

  • Create the tables and views at the database: ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -ct

  • Import all data into the created database (requires the download, parse and sdtore as CSV files first, as explained above): ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -idb -p

  • Query for a specific CVE: ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -cve 2019-2434

  • Query for all CVEs related with a product (e.g. windows), with a base metric score greater than a value (e.g. 9, that is critcal), and a publication date equal or newer than a specific year (e.g. 2018): ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -pr radar -sc 9 -dt 2018

  • Query for all CVEs with a base metric score greater than a value (e.g. 9, that is critcal), and a publication date equal or newer than a specific year (e.g. 2019): ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -sc 9 -dt 2019

  • Truncate the contents of all tables (required if you want to repeat the import process so as to update the data): ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -tr

  • Delete the database (remove it completely): ./ -u <myuser> -ps <mypassword> -host <hostname or IP> -db <database_name> -dd

Complete list of supported arguments:

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-v, --version show program's version number and exit

-p, --parse Process downloaded CVEs.

-d, --download Download CVEs.

-y YEAR, --year YEAR The year for which CVEs shall be downloaded (e.g. 2019)

-csv, --cvs_files Create CSVs files.

-idb, --import_to_db Import CVEs into a database.

-i INPUT, --input INPUT The directory where NVD json files will been downloaded, and the one from where they will be parsed (default: nvd/)

-o RESULTS, --output RESULTS The directory where the csv files will be stored (default: results/)

-u USER, --user USER The user to connect to the database.

-ow OWNER, --owner OWNER The owner of the database (if different from the connected user).

-ps PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD The password to connect to the database.

-host HOST, --host HOST The host or IP of the database server.

-db DATABASE, --database DATABASE The name of the database.

-cd, --create_database Create the database

-dd, --drop_database Drop the database

-ct, --create_tables Create the tables of the database

-tr, --truncate_cves_tables Truncate the CVEs-related tables

-cve CVE, --cvs_number CVE Print info for a CVE (CVSS score and other)

-sc SCORE, --score SCORE Use base score as a selection criterion

-dt DATE, --date DATE Use publication date as a selection criterion

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