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Get UTM tiles for SpaceNet Dataset or arbitrary GeoTiffs

Project description

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- [Installation Instructions](#installation-instructions)
- [API Documentation](
- [Dependencies](#dependencies)
- [License](#license)
- [Download Instructions](#spacenet-dataset-download-instructions)
Modeled off of capabilities from [rio-tiler]( and designed for use with SpaceNet datasets, this library provides code for tiling geospatial imagery datasets into manageable pieces.

## Installation Instructions
Several packages require binaries to be installed before pip installing the other packages. Conda is a simple way to install everything and their dependencies:

#### Conda
_note: This functionality is not ready as of 12.11.18. Check back soon._
conda install -c conda-forge cw-tiler

#### pip

You may use `pip` to install this package; however, note that one of the dependencies, [rtree](, can require pre-installation of [libspatialindex]( binaries. This can all be done by installing rtree using conda:
conda install -c conda-forge rtree
or by [following the instructions for libspatialindex installation](

Once you have dependencies set up, install as usual using `pip`:
pip install cw-tiler
For bleeding-edge versions (use at your own risk), `pip install` from the dev branch of this repository:
pip install --upgrade git+
## API Documentation
See the [readthedocs]( page.

## Dependencies
All dependencies can be found in the docker file [Dockerfile](./Dockerfile) or

## License

## SpaceNet Dataset Download Instructions
Further download instructions for the [SpaceNet Dataset]( can be found [here](

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