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Fetch all log events messages related to requests (by AWS Request ID) that in any message of any event match a custom python regex pattern

Project description

Ever wanted to filter AWS CloudWatch logs and not only keep the matching events, but also all events that have the same Request ID that the matching event(s)?

This python script fetches all log events messages related to requests (by AWS Request ID) that in any message of any event match a custom python regex pattern. It fetches all events for the period, searching their messages with the custom regex pattern and filters only events that have the request IDs that have at least one message matching.

Changes are described in


pip install cwlogs-rqid-filter


Do not forget to perform AWS Credentials configuration for boto3 beforehand (


Install the library as described above, and run it, either with cwlogs-rqid-filter or python -m cwlogs_rqid_filter

    python -m cwlogs_rqid_filter [-h] --group GROUP_NAME --filter FILTER
                                 [--streams [STREAM_NAMES [STREAM_NAMES ...]]]
                                 [--stream-prefix STREAM_NAME_PREFIX]
                                 [--start-ts START_TIMESTAMP] [--start START]
                                 [--stop-ts STOP_TIMESTAMP] [--stop STOP] [--limit LIMIT]
                                 [--prefix-timestamp | --prefix-iso] [--debug]

Filter AWS CloudWatch logs while keeping all events that have the same Request
ID as events that match the filter.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --group GROUP_NAME    Log group name
  --filter FILTER       Python regular expression pattern that will match
                        events messages
  --streams [STREAM_NAMES [STREAM_NAMES ...]]
                        Log stream names
  --stream-prefix STREAM_NAME_PREFIX
                        Log stream name prefix
  --start-ts START_TIMESTAMP
                        Start timestamp in milliseconds, UTC timezone
  --start START         Start date and time, ISO8601 format, UTC timezone
  --stop-ts STOP_TIMESTAMP
                        Stop timestamp in milliseconds, UTC timezone
  --stop STOP           Stop date and time, ISO8601 format, UTC timezone
  --limit LIMIT         Event limit count
  --prefix-timestamp    Prefix the logs with event timestamp between
  --prefix-iso          Prefix the logs with ISO8601 formatted event timestamp
                        between parentheses
  --debug               Print debug information

Script import

from cwlogs_rqid_filter import fetch_events, filter_events

# Any parameters set accepted by the Boto3 logs client filter_log_events() function
request_parameters = {
    'logGroupName': 'xxx',
    'logStreamNames': ['yyy', 'zzz', ...],
    'logStreamNamePrefix': 'xyz',
    'startTime': 123,                       # Unix timestamp
    'endTime': 456,                         # Unix timestamp

filter_regex_pattern = r'*'

all_events = fetch_events(request_parameters)
filtered_events = filter_events(all_events, filter_regex_pattern)


To get all log events of lambda requests that took at least 1000ms, prefixed by ISO8601-formatted timestamps: python -m cwlogs_rqid_filter --group /aws/lambda/someLambdaName --start 2018-11-30T05:04:00Z --stop 2018-11-30T05:05:00Z --filter 'Billed Duration: [0-9]{4,}' --prefix-iso

You can also specify start and stop timestamps in any timezone, formatted following ISO8601: --start 2018-11-30T14:04:00+09:00 --stop 2018-11-30T14:05:00+09:00

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