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Experimental CLI for Citrix Cloud

Project description

cx: Experimental CLI for Citrix Cloud

Note: Given that this is experimental software, your mileage may vary. The CLI-syntax is not yet finalized and may still change.

The CLI works using the REST APIs of Citrix Cloud, as documented on Citrix's Developer Portal.

Usage Microapps Sample


  • Provides a simple and efficient way to interact with Citrix Cloud
  • Supports many Citrix Cloud services including: adm, apppersonalization, cvadrestapis, globalappconfiguration, manageddesktops, microapps, notifications, quickdeploy, securebrowser, reportingapi, systemlog, virtualappsessentialls, webhook, and wem.
  • Always up-to-date as it synchronizes the latest published OpenAPI-specifications.
  • Responses can be formatted as either JSON, YAML, Table, CSV, or binary.
  • Powerful query and filter syntax powered by JMESPath.
  • Handles authentication and caches tokens transparently.
  • Secrets are stored using the user's OS keyring service.
  • Autocompletion for Bash and Zsh (see below)


cxcli requires Python 3.x. Find more information here.

Install cxcli using:

python3 -m pip install cxcli


Once installed, configure cxcli interactively:

cx --configure

Follow the Citrix Cloud Documentation, to create an API Client and obtain the CustomerId, ClientID, ClientSecret required as part of the configuration.

Note: By default, cxcli will store credentials in the user's system keyring service (Windows Credential Locker, macOS Keychain, KDE KWallet, FreeDesktop Secret Service). Should your environment not have a keyring service, or every keyring access require a keyring password, you can provide the configuration alternatively using environment variables CXCUSTOMERID, CXCLIENTID, and CXCLIENTSECRET.

Usage examples

  • Show a list of Cloud Services available via CLI: cx -h

  • Show a list of commands available within a Cloud Service: cx systemlog

  • Extract the latest records from Citrix Cloud's systemlog-service: cx systemlog GetRecords

  • Provide output as YAML: cxcli systemlog GetRecords --output-as yaml

  • Filter for fields using JMESPath: cx systemlog GetRecords --cliquery 'Items[].Message."en-US"'

  • Filter for values using JMESPath: cx systemlog GetRecords --cliquery 'Items[?ActorDisplayName == ""]'

  • Show information about the CVAD Site: cx cvadrestapis Me_GetMe

  • Create an Administrator notification in Citrix Cloud:

cx notifications Notifications_CreateItems --eventId $(uuidgen) --content '{
      "languageTag": "en-US",
      "title": "Dinner Time",
      "description": "Fish and Chips!"
   }'  --severity "Information" --destinationAdmin "*" --component "Citrix Cloud" --priority High --createdDate 2021-02-13T08:20:17.120808-08:00
  • Export a Microapp integration bundle as a backup:
cx microapps export_bundle --geo us --bundleExportType default --integrationExportConfig-id 1 --output-binary integration.mapp
  • Re-importing the Microapp integration bundle, providing the necessary base configuration:
echo '{ "integrationImportConfig": { "type": "GWSC", "baseUrl": "https://mybaseurl/"} }' > config.txt
cx microapps import_bundle --geo us  --config config.txt --bundle integration.mapp

Autocomplete for Bash and Zsh

For Bash - add the following snippet to your ~/.bashrc-file:

eval "$(register-python-argcomplete cx)"

For zsh - Add the following snippet to your ~/.zshrc-file:

autoload bashcompinit
eval "$(register-python-argcomplete cx)"

Project details

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