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CyberGISX compatable HPC job submission client

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CyberGIS-Compute Python SDK

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CyberGIS-Compute is a scalable middleware framework for enabling high-performance and data-intensive geospatial research and education on CyberGISX. This API can be used to send supported jobs to various supported HPC & computing resources.



  • Python3 + pip3
  • Jupyter server (Hub/Lab) with fixed domain
  • System environment variables:
    • JUPYTERHUB_API_TOKEN: user access token, comes with JupyterHub/Lab.
    • JUPYTER_INSTANCE_URL: server url

From Pip:

pip install cybergis-compute-client

From Github:

git clone
cd cybergis-compute-python-sdk
python3 install

Hello World Example

In this example, you will be using the SDK's Pilot UI to run the hello world GitHub project on the Keeling Computing Cluster.

  1. Run the Pilot UI
from cybergis_compute_client import CyberGISCompute

cybergis = CyberGISCompute(url="xxx") # replace xxx with CyberGIS-Compute server url
cybergis.show_ui() # run Pilot UI
  1. Select hello world from 📦 Job Template
  2. Select keeling_community from 🖥 Computing Resource
  3. Configure the following, or leave it as default
    • Slurm Computing Configurations
    • Input Parameters
    • Receive Email
  4. Select a file to upload under Upload Data
  5. Click Submit

❓ If you wonder where the customized configuration options comes from, they are defined in the manifest.json file of each project. Please refer to

SDK Usage

cybergis = CyberGISCompute(url="xxx")
  1. Query and resume jobs that you own.
# CyberGISCompute.list_job -> return a list of jobs that you submitted

# CyberGISCompute.get_job_by_id -> return a Job object referred by that id
  1. Query CyberGIS-Compute server support information
# CyberGISCompute.list_hpc -> prints a list of hpc resources that the server supports

# CyberGISCompute.list_git -> prints a list of Git projects that the server supports
  1. Use Pilot UI
# Renders a IPython Widget UI in Jupyter (async)
# CyberGISCompute.create_job_by_ui -> return None

# Get the job submitted by the UI (after you press the submit button)
# CyberGISCompute.get_latest_created_job -> return Job object
  1. Submit job using programming style (in progress)
# the Job object is an interface for a job
# CyberGISCompute.create_job -> return Job object & print the job's information
job = cybergis.create_job(hpc="some HPC")

# Job.submit -> print the job's information

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