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Dependency injection and inversion of control and library for simple service handling

Project description


Python module for IOC container using dependency injection (uses python 3+ type hints, supported until Python3.7)

Easy way to initialize your services

from cynergy import container

class TestClass:

class ParentClass:
    def __init__(self, test_class: TestClass):
        self.test_class = test_class

instance = container.get(ParentClass)  # Returns TestClass initialized as singleton

print(type(instance))  # ParentClass
print(type(instance.test_class))  # TestClass

Access to your configuration from any service

from cynergy import container
from cynergy.config import Config, MemoryConfig
from cynergy.attributes import arguments

class DbConnector:
    def __init__(self, db: str, host: str):
        self.db = db = host

    "db_name": "LocalDbName",
    "hostname": "localhost"

instance = container.get(DbConnector)

print(instance.db)  # LocalDbName
print(  # localhost

** You can implement your own configuration provider (for exmaple you can create DbConfigProvider which provides your settings from the db)

Manually register special types

from cynergy import container

class Original:

class Other:

container.register_class(Original, Other)

instance = container.get(Original)

print(type(instance))  # Other

Register collection of services

from typing import List
from cynergy import container

class HandlerBase:

class SomeHandler1(HandlerBase):

class SomeHandler2(HandlerBase):

class SomeService:
    def __init__(self, handlers: List[HandlerBase]):
        self.handlers = handlers

container.register_many(HandlerBase, [SomeHandler1, SomeHandler2])

instance = container.get(SomeService)

print(type(instance.handlers))  # list
print(type(instance.handlers[0]))  # SomeHandler1
print(type(instance.handlers[1]))  # SomeHandler2

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