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Cython setuptools integration

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Easier distribution and development of Cython modules.


  • Two distribution models: with C/C++ files included in the package, and without
  • Cython modules are defined in setup.cfg
  • Install directly from Cython sources, without installing Cython in the target environment (Cython is only included in install_requires)


$ pip install cython-setuptools


Here is an example Python package using the default distribution model (only Cython files are included in the source package).

First install the cython-setuptools vendor module in the package, next to

$ cd your-python-project/
$ cython-setuptools install

Then use cython-setuptools' setup() in your

from cysetuptools import setup


Note that we keep the default cythonize=True argument of setup() here, meaning that C files are compiled from Cython files automatically. setup(cythonize=False) would mean we would need to distribute the C/C++ files compiled from Cython in the source package.

Define your Cython modules in setup.cfg.

name = your-python-project
version = 1.0

packages = find:
install_requires = cython

dev = cython

include_dirs = include/

sources = foo.pyx
include_dirs = eval(__import__('numpy').get_include())
language = c++
pkg_config_packages = opencv

Then your Cython modules can be compiled and tested in-place with:

$ python build_ext --inplace

This automatically compile outdated Cython files. If setup(cythonize=False) is used, you have to specifically tell the setup to recompile outdated Cython files:

$ CYTHONIZE=1 python build_ext --inplace

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