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Read and write CZML in Python

Project description


This is an open source python library to read and write CZML_ files for Cesium_, the WebGL Earth modeling engine.

.. _CZML:
.. _Cesium:


* pygeoif:
* pytz:


To run the tests (in the czml directory)::

> python test

czml is continually tested with *Travis CI*

.. image::

.. image::

Usage and Examples

**Reading CZML**

Reading a CZML file into a mutable document object can be done by initializing a CZML document and then reading the file's contents into the `loads()` method on the document, like so::

# Import the library
from czml import czml

# Read an existing CZML file
filename = 'example.czml'
with open(filename, 'r') as example:
doc = czml.CZML()

**Writing CZML**

The general approach to writing CZML with this python library is to define a document object, define packets and append them to the document, and then write the document to a file using the `write()` method::

# Import the library
from czml import czml

# Initialize a document
doc = czml.CZML()

# Create and append the document packet
packet1 = czml.CZMLPacket(id='document',version='1.0')

# Create and append a billboard packet
packet2 = czml.CZMLPacket(id='billboard')
bb = czml.Billboard(scale=0.7, show=True)
bb.image = 'http://localhost/img.png'
bb.color = {'rgba': [0, 255, 127, 55]}
packet2.billboard = bb

# Write the CZML document to a file
filename = "example.czml"

Supported CZML Components

The components in this library are developed to follow the `CZML Content documentation`_. Supported components and subcomponents are listed in `docs/`_.

.. _CZML Content documentation:
.. _docs/

v 0.3.3 (2016-11-30)

- Added support for outlineWidth on polygons and ellipses [Christopher Clark (Frencil)]
- Allow passing references [Tim O'Shea (osh)]
- Allow passing kwargs to dumps [Tim O'Shea (osh)]

v 0.3.2 (2015/03/23)

- Added czml.write() method
- Updated broken write example in README to use write() method
- Added read example to README
- Cleaned up some of the framework (load/data/init) methods for CZMLPacket and others

v 0.3.1 (2015/03/19)

- Added usage example to README
- Added docs/
- Minor cleanup from 0.3 release

v 0.3 (2015/03/09)

- Replace VertexPositions with Positions [Christopher Clark (Frencil)]
- Rebuild two-dimensional object classes and tests for current CZML [Christopher Clark (Frencil)]
- Add/update all documented material subclasses (Grid, Image, Stripe, SolidColor, PolylineGlow, PolylineOutline) [Christopher Clark (Frencil)]
- Add document object support (including version and Clock) [Christopher Clark (Frencil)]
- Restrict support to Python 2.7 and 3.3+ [Christopher Clark (Frencil)]

v 0.2 (unreleased)
- Fixed bug in the Number class [Carl Fischer (Carl4)]
- Add Radii, Orientation, Path, Ellipsoid, Cone, Ellipse [Carl Fischer (Carl4)]

v 0.1 (2013/04/05)

- Initial release [Christian Lederman (cleder)]

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