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An rpg backend implementing the free 1d6 roleplaying system for python3.

Project description



d6 tip

  • reduced the size to 60x30, so it runs on simple terminals.

  • shuffle the fighters before action: Fairness.

  • FIX: it stopped at 1 or not at all

  • leave it running for 10 frames after the end.

  • no more flickering

  • the armored ones don’t win all the time anymore.c

  • interesting battles: exp 6, 3, 1.

  • active battle: swordmasters 17 skill, armored 14 armor, killers 16 weapon.

  • more room for fighting (visually) and exp for winning without wound again.

  • random groups again

  • killer against armored is about equal, too

  • now it’s about equal…

  • armored and swordmasters equal: can’t harm each other except for crits.

  • FIX: Breakage and infinite loop when using floats for experience (sub 1).

  • stronger swordmasters.

  • FIX: attvalue2cost was not used. Also added faster implementation of attvalue2cost

  • added mean powerstats.

  • charbase: more efficient version of bonus2cost().

  • more experience!

  • termctl addition of light colors.

  • slightly faster still by avoiding the passing of a fat object.

  • asciibattle: performance optimizations and a counter :)

  • added a safe (deepcopy) yaml loader cache for faster loading of many similar characters.

  • asciibattle basically works.

  • added simple termctl script, borrowed from evolve-keybourd-layout:

  • better readable attack function.

  • better readable return statement.

  • minor comments.

  • Characters can now attack each other and get wounds and damage.

  • characters can now compete against each other.

  • improve now only shows stats which actually changed instead of showing all stats which were given marks.

  • char.improve() belongs to It is something another programmer may want to use.

  • factored the basic character stuff out into, so shows more directly what you can do.

  • more package import stuff.

  • next version will be 0.2

  • Added signature for changeset 0a2f373d47c5

  • Added tag 0.1 for changeset c112b93bbace

d6 0.1

  • skillvalue: always use the higher value from skill with basevalue and without base value (necessary when the base skill is low - i.e. 3).

  • improve now returns a list with all the changes it did.

  • correct in-package import handling.

  • classifier: python 3

  • no scripts yet.

  • status: Alpha, target: devs.

  • added info: for python 3

  • added plan for chars: status: active

  • wounds give a malus on rolls.

  • next version will be 0.1

  • FIX: is now recognized as script.

  • FIX: changelog generation took only the last two revs.

  • Added signature for changeset 046449e70a4f

  • Added tag 0.0 for changeset 398b1e1cb820

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