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Democritus functions for working with dates and times in Python.

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Democritus Dates

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Democritus functions[1] for working with and using dates and times.

[1] Democritus functions are simple, effective, modular, well-tested, and well-documented Python functions.

We use d8s (pronounced "dee-eights") as an abbreviation for democritus (you can read more about this here).


pip install d8s-dates


You import the library like:

from d8s_dates import *

Once imported, you can use any of the functions listed below.


  • def date_string_to_strftime_format(date_string):
        """Predict the strftime format from the given date_string."""
  • def date_parse(date, *, convert_to_current_timezone: bool = False):
        """Parse the given date (can parse dates in most formats) (returns a datetime object)."""
  • def date_now(*, convert_to_current_timezone: bool = False, utc: bool = False):
        """Get the current date.
    If convert_to_current_timezone is True, convert the date to the current timezone.
    If utc is True, convert the date to UTC."""
  • def date_parse_first_argument(func):
  • def date_2_string(date, date_format_string: str):
  • def date_hour(date):
        """Find the hour from the given date."""
  • def date_minute(date):
        """Find the minute from the given date."""
  • def date_second(date):
        """Find the second from the given date."""
  • def date_day(date):
        """Find the day of the month from the given date."""
  • def date_day_of_month(date):
        """Find the day of the month from the given date."""
  • def date_month(date):
        """Find the month from the given date."""
  • def date_year(date):
        """Find the year from the given date."""
  • def date_convert_to_timezone(date, timezone_string):
        """Convert the given date to the given timezone_string.
    This will actually **convert** time given date; it will change the hour/day of the date to the given timezone)."""
  • def date_make_timezone_aware(datetime_object, timezone_string=None):
        """Make the given datetime_object timezone aware.
    This function does NOT convert the datetime_object.
    It will never change the hour/day or any value of the datetime...
      it will simply make the given datetime timezone aware."""
  • def time_delta_examples(n=10, *, time_deltas_as_strings: bool = True):
        """Return n time deltas."""
  • def time_examples(n=10, *, times_as_strings: bool = True):
        """Return n times."""
  • def date_examples(n=10, *, dates_as_strings: bool = True, date_string_format: str = None):
        """Return n dates."""
  • def datetime_examples(n=10, *, datetimes_as_strings: bool = True, datetime_string_format: str = None):
        """Return n datetimes."""
  • def time_struct_to_datetime(struct_time_object):
        """Convert a python time.struct_time object into a datetime object."""
  • def epoch_time_now():
        """Get the current epoch time."""
  • def is_date(possible_date_string):
        """Determine if the given possible_date_string can be processed as a date."""
  • def time_now():
        """Return the current, epoch time."""
  • def time_since(date):
        """Return a time of the time since the given date."""
  • def time_until(date):
        """Return an English description of the time since the given date."""
  • def time_since_slang(date):
        """Return an English description of the time since the given date."""
  • def time_until_slang(date):
        """Return an English description of the time until the given date."""
  • def date_to_utc(date):
        """Convert the given date to UTC. Assume that the given date is in the system's timezone and convert it to UTC."""
  • def time_after(time_a, time_b=None) -> bool:
        """Check if one time is before the other."""
  • def time_before(time_a, time_b=None) -> bool:
        """Check if one time is before the other."""
  • def date_in_future(date) -> bool:
        """Return whether or not the given date is in the future."""
  • def time_is() -> str:
        """Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving. -Henry Ford"""
  • def date_to_iso(date, *, timezone_is_utc: bool = False, use_trailing_z: bool = False):
        """Return the ISO 8601 version of the given date as a string (see"""
  • def epoch_time_standardization(epoch_time):
        """Convert the given epoch time to an epoch time in seconds."""
  • def epoch_to_date(epoch_time):
        """Convert the epoch_time into a datetime."""
  • def date_day_of_week(date):
        """Return the day of the week on which the given date occurred."""
  • def date_week_of_year(date, *, sunday_is_first_day_of_week: bool = False):
        """Find the week of the year for the given date. If no date is given, return the week of the current date."""
  • def date_to_epoch(date):
        """Convert a datetime stamp to epoch time."""
  • def chrome_timestamp_to_epoch(chrome_timestamp):
        """Convert the given Chrome timestamp to epoch time.
    For more information, see:"""
  • def time_waste(n=3):
        """If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality. -Benjamin Franklin"""
  • def time_as_float(time_string: str) -> float:
        """converts a given HH:MM time string to float"""


👋  If you want to get involved in this project, we have some short, helpful guides below:

If you have any questions or there is anything we did not cover, please raise an issue and we'll be happy to help.


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