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Compute PageRank on large graphs with off-the-shelf hardware.

Project description

danker - Compute PageRank on large graphs with off-the-shelf hardware.

  • Standalone with any input graph:

    $ pip install danker
    $ python -m danker -h
       usage: python -m danker [-h] [-r RIGHT_SORTED] [-p OUTPUT_PRECISION] [-i]
                               left_sorted damping iterations start_value
       danker - Compute PageRank on large graphs with off-the-shelf hardware.
       positional arguments:
         left_sorted           A two-column, tab-separated file sorted by the left
         damping               PageRank damping factor(between 0 and 1).
         iterations            Number of PageRank iterations (>0).
         start_value           PageRank starting value (>0).
       optional arguments:
         -h, --help            show this help message and exit
         -r RIGHT_SORTED, --right_sorted RIGHT_SORTED
                               The same file as left_sorted but sorted by the right
         -p OUTPUT_PRECISION, --output_precision OUTPUT_PRECISION
                               Number of places after the decimal point.
         -i, --int_only        All nodes are integers (flag)
    $ wget
    $ python3 -m danker test.links 0.85 30 1
       Computation of PageRank on 'test.links' with danker took 0.00 seconds.
       C	3.18985350447380434
       B	3.55722134157057246
       A	0.30410528185694391
       D	0.36260066319290651
       F	0.36260066319290651
       E	0.75035528185694389
       G	0.15000000000000002
       H	0.15000000000000002
       I	0.15000000000000002
       K	0.15000000000000002
       L	0.15000000000000002
  • As Python library for computing PageRank on large graphs:

    $ pip install danker
    $ python
    >>> import danker

    More information on this option can be found at

More information on the project: Compute PageRank on the Wikipedia graph

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