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Compute non-archimedean Darmon points

Project description


A package to compute Darmon points

(or just p-adically construct elliptic curves, or p-adic Darmon-Vonk points,...)

(for the full documentation, please see




What is this?

The darmonpoints package can compute many different types of what is known as Darmon points. These are known as Stark-Heegner points in some literature, and originated in [Darmon]. Subsequent generalizations were introduced by [Greenberg] and [Trifkovic]. This has been generalized by [GMS1] to elliptic curves defined over number fields of arbitrary signature. Darmon points are attached to triples (F,E,K), where F is a number field, E/F is an elliptic curve defined over F, and K/F is a quadratic extension. These triples must satisfy certain conditions for Darmon points to be attached to them. The article [GMS1] contains an overview of all of this. We include also a variation used in [KP].

The darmonpoints package can also compute equations for some elliptic curves E/F defined over number fields F, as long as certain conditions are satisfied. Namely:

  1. F has narrow class number 1.
  2. if N is the conductor of the elliptic curve, it must admit a factorization of the form N = PDM, where:
    1. P, D and M are relative coprime.
    2. P is a prime ideal of F of prime norm.
    3. D is the discriminant of a quaternion algebra over F which is split at only one infinite place.

Finally, we include the module padicperiods, which allows for the computation of p-adic periods attached to two-dimensional components of the cohomology of the same arithmetic groups, and which has allowed us to find the corresponding abelian surfaces in some cases (see [GM]).

The full documentation can be found at


Installation of the darmonpoints package has been greatly simplified, thanks to Matthias Köppe "Sample Sage" ( For most operations one does need to have Magma ( installed, although we do hope that in the future Sage will include the required functionality.

We include for convenience the dependency Magma package KleinianGroups by Aurel Page, the original of which can be found at

To install the package use the following command:

sage -pip install --user --upgrade darmonpoints

If you rather install the cutting-edge version from the github repository (which is likely to be broken), then use the following command:

sage -pip install --user --upgrade -v git+

Basic usage

The files, and contain the high level routines from which show how to use the package, although one can use parts of the package in other ways if one feels adventurous. Here are some sample calculations that one can try:

sage: from darmonpoints.darmonpoints import darmon_point
  1. A classical Darmon (a.k.a. Stark-Heegner) point. The following will perform a 7-adic calculation to precision 7^20, to find a point over the real quadratic field of discriminant 41 for the elliptic curve 35a1:

    sage: darmon_point(7,EllipticCurve('35a1'),41,20)
  2. A quaternionic Darmon (a.k.a. Greenberg) point:

    sage: darmon_point(13,EllipticCurve('78a1'),5,20)
  3. A Darmon point for a curve over a field of mixed signature:

    sage: F.<r> = NumberField(x^3 - x^2 - x + 2)
    sage: E = EllipticCurve([-r -1, -r, -r - 1,-r - 1, 0])
    sage: N = E.conductor()
    sage: P = F.ideal(r^2 - 2*r - 1)
    sage: beta = -3*r^2 + 9*r - 6
    sage: darmon_point(P,E,beta,30)

We can also discover equations of curves!

  1. We first find a curve over the rationals. The following command will find a curve of conductor 30, using a 5-adic calculation with precision of 5^20, and the quaternion algebra of discriminant `6`:

    sage: from darmonpoints.findcurve import find_curve
    sage: find_curve(5,6,30,20)

    This constructs the curve with equation:

    y^2 + x*y + y = x^3 + x + 2
  2. Now for a curve defined over a real quadratic field. Note that here we must specify which place will ramify in the quaternion algebra:

    sage: from darmonpoints.findcurve import find_curve
    sage: F.<r> = QuadraticField(5)
    sage: P = F.ideal(3/2*r + 1/2)
    sage: D = F.ideal(3)
    sage: find_curve(P,D,P*D,30,ramification_at_infinity = F.real_places()[:1])

    This returns something like:

    y^2 + (1/2*r-1/2)*x*y = x^3 + (1/2*r+1/2)*x^2 + (285/2*r-793/2)*x + (3153/2*r-7689/2)
  3. A curve over a cubic field of mixed signature:

    sage: from darmonpoints.findcurve import find_curve
    sage: F.<r> = NumberField(x^3 -3)
    sage: P = F.ideal(r-2)
    sage: D = F.ideal(r-1)
    sage: find_curve(P,D,P*D,30)

    This should return an elliptic curve like this:

    y^2 + r*x*y + (r+1)*y = x^3 + (-575*r^2-829*r-1195)*x + (-13327*r^2-19221*r-27721)

Finally, there is also code to compute Darmon-Vonk quantities. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. A Darmon-Vonk point for the matrix group:

    sage: from darmonpoints.darmonvonk import darmon_vonk_point
    sage: darmon_vonk_point(5, 1, 3, 13, 60, recognize_point='lindep')
  2. A quaternionic Darmon-Vonk point:

    sage: from darmonpoints.darmonvonk import darmon_vonk_point
    sage: darmon_vonk_point(5, 6, 53, 92, 120, scaling=12, recognize_point='algdep')

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M.Trifkovic. Stark-Heegner points on elliptic curves defined over imaginary quadratic fields. Duke Math.

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