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Basic Data Structures and Operations Implemented in Python

Project description

# dat-struct-py

Basic Data Structures and Operations Implemented in Python

## Installation Instructions

- Python 3.5+ is currently supported
- Install from PyPI using
- pip install dat-struct-py

## Supported Data Structures

- Singly Linked List
- Doubly Linked List
- Circularly Singly Linked List
- Stack using Linked List
- Queue using Linked List
- Tree (Binary Search Tree)

### Operations Supported for Linked Lists

- Create a linked list through input sequence or inserts
- At the beginning
- At the end
- At any Position
- Delete a node carrying some value
- Size
- Print
- Quick check whether the list has even length
- Return nth element from the end
- Quick check whether a cycle exists
- Return cycle length(if one exists)
- Reverse in Place
- Swap Pairs - Works only for Even length linked list

### Operations Supported for Stacks

- Create a stack by pushing elements one by one or through an input sequence
- Check whether the stack is empty
- Check whether the stack is full
- Push an element
- Pop an element
- Peek the top element
- Check balanced symbols
- Filter out all adjacent elements from the input
- Print the elements of the Queue

### Operations Supported for Queues

- Create a queue by queuing elements one by one or through an input sequence
- Check whether the Queue is empty
- Enqueue an element
- Dequeue an element

### Operations Supported for Binary Search Trees

- Create a binary search tree by
- Inserting values one by one
- Passing in an input list
- Traversals
- Preorder
- Inorder
- Postorder
- Spiral
- Clockwise
- Anticlockwise
- Boundary
- Projections/Views
- Nodes at K distance away from root
- Connect Nodes at the Same Level
- Singly Linked List
- Circularly Singly Linked List

## Developer Tools

- Full Fledged Vagrant Box in tools/DevelopDatStructPy
- Prerequisites
- [VirtualBox Installation](
- [Vagrant Installation](
- Navigate to tools/DevelopDatStructPy
- Modify to contain your git username and email (**MANDATORY STEP**)
- Open Terminal/Command prompt
- Execute `vagrant up` to bring up the VM
- Execute `vagrant ssh` to login to the VM
- Master Code will be present at `home/ubuntu/Development/Repos/`
- Execute `source /home/ubuntu/Development/developEnv/bin/activate` to activate Python Virtual Environment

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