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Don't be just mean and standart, print histograms as unicode instead!

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Data Samples Printer

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Don't be just mean and standart, print histograms as unicode instead!


pip install data-samples-printer

Basic Usage

import data_samples_printer as dsp
import numpy as np

s1 = np.random.normal(size=100)
s2 = np.random.normal(size=100, scale=0.2)

# Plain printing
>     ▁▃▁  ▃▃▅▇▅█▄▄▄▇▃▃█▄▅▇▄▃▃▁█▅█ ▁▃▃▁▃▁        

# Printing multiple samples aligns their range
dsp.print(s1, s2)
>     ▁▃▁  ▃▃▅▇▅█▄▄▄▇▃▃█▄▅▇▄▃▃▁█▅█ ▁▃▃▁▃▁        
>                   ▁▂▃█▄▅▃▂▁

# Printing with labels
dsp.print(normal=s1, squeezed=s2)
>     ▁▃▁  ▃▃▅▇▅█▄▄▄▇▃▃█▄▅▇▄▃▃▁█▅█ ▁▃▃▁▃▁         normal
>                    ▁▂▃█▄▅▃▂▁                       squeezed

# Pretty printing
dsp.pprint(s1, s2)
>  ▂▁▁ ▁▂▄▃▁▁▂▂▂▄▃▂█▃▃▂▃▂▂▂▁▃▂▄▃▂ ▁▂▁ ▁▁▂         0.00 ±1.00
>                 ▁▂▃▆█▅▆▄▁                          0.04 ±0.20

dsp.mprint(normal=s1, squeezed=s2)
> dist | mean | std | name
> -----|------|-----|-----
> `▕▁ ▂▁▁▁▁▁▃▁ ▂▆▂▁▅▅▅█▂▅▃▅█▃▇▆▂▂▂▂▂▂▅▃▁          ▁▏` | -0.04 | ±0.85 | normal
> `▕                 ▁▄▃█▆█▆▂▂                       ▏` | 0.01 | ±0.19 | squeezed
> `▕-1.93                                         2.41▏` |

renders as:

dist mean std name
▕▁ ▂▁▁▁▁▁▃▁ ▂▆▂▁▅▅▅█▂▅▃▅█▃▇▆▂▂▂▂▂▂▅▃▁ ▁ ▁ ▂ ▁▏ -0.04 ±0.85 normal
▕ ▁ ▁▄▃█▆█▆▂▂ ▏ 0.01 ±0.19 squeezed
▕-1.93 2.41▏


  • Clone this repository
  • Requirements:
  • Create a virtual environment and install the dependencies
poetry install
  • Activate the virtual environment
poetry shell




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