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Databend Driver Python Binding

Project description



cd bindings/python
maturin develop


import asyncio
from databend_driver import AsyncDatabendClient

async def main():
    client = AsyncDatabendClient('databend+http://root:root@localhost:8000/?sslmode=disable')
    conn = await client.get_conn()
    await conn.exec(
        CREATE TABLE test (
            i64 Int64,
            u64 UInt64,
            f64 Float64,
            s   String,
            s2  String,
            d   Date,
            t   DateTime
    rows = await conn.query_iter("SELECT * FROM test")
    async for row in rows:



class AsyncDatabendClient:
    def __init__(self, dsn: str): ...
    async def get_conn(self) -> AsyncDatabendConnection: ...


class AsyncDatabendConnection:
    async def info(self) -> ConnectionInfo: ...
    async def version(self) -> str: ...
    async def exec(self, sql: str) -> int: ...
    async def query_row(self, sql: str) -> Row: ...
    async def query_iter(self, sql: str) -> RowIterator: ...
    async def stream_load(self, sql: str, data: list[list[str]]) -> ServerStats: ...


class Row:
    def values(self) -> tuple: ...


class RowIterator:
    def __aiter__(self) -> RowIterator: ...
    async def __anext__(self) -> Row: ...
    def schema(self) -> Schema: ...


class Field:
    def name(self) -> str: ...
    def data_type(self) -> str: ...


class Schema:
    def fields(self) -> list[Field]: ...


class ServerStats:
    def total_rows(self) -> int: ...
    def total_bytes(self) -> int: ...
    def read_rows(self) -> int: ...
    def read_bytes(self) -> int: ...
    def write_rows(self) -> int: ...
    def write_bytes(self) -> int: ...
    def running_time_ms(self) -> float: ...


class ConnectionInfo:
    def handler(self) -> str: ...
    def host(self) -> str: ...
    def port(self) -> int: ...
    def user(self) -> str: ...
    def database(self) -> str | None: ...
    def warehouse(self) -> str | None: ...


pipenv install --dev
maturin develop
pipenv run behave tests

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Uploaded CPython 3.7+ macOS 10.7+ x86-64

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