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Convert between Dataclasses and dict/json

Project description

Dataclass Dict Convert

This library converts between python dataclasses and dicts (and json).

It was created because when using the dataclasses-json library for my use case, I ran into limitations and performance issues. (There's also typed-json-dataclass but I haven't evaluated that library.)

dataclass-dict-convert supports lists, optionals, dicts, enums, nested dataclasses, etc. It handles dates using RFC3339 (and enforces timezones and timezone aware datetime).


from dataclasses import dataclass
from stringcase import camelcase
from typing import Optional, List

from dataclass_dict_convert import dataclass_dict_convert

class TestB:
    an_int: int
    a_str: str
    a_float: float
    a_bool: bool

class Test:
    nestedClass: TestB
    nestedInOpt: Optional[TestB]
    nestedInList: List[TestB]

the_instanceB1 = TestB(1, 'foo', 0.1, True)
the_instanceB2 = TestB(2, 'bar', 0.2, False)
the_instanceB3 = TestB(3, 'baz', 0.3, True)
the_instanceB4 = TestB(4, 'huh', 0.4, False)
the_instance = Test(the_instanceB1, the_instanceB2, [the_instanceB3, the_instanceB4])
the_dict = {
    'nestedClass': {'anInt': 1, 'aStr': 'foo', 'aFloat': 0.1, 'aBool': True, },
    'nestedInOpt': {'anInt': 2, 'aStr': 'bar', 'aFloat': 0.2, 'aBool': False, },
    'nestedInList': [
        {'anInt': 3, 'aStr': 'baz', 'aFloat': 0.3, 'aBool': True, },
        {'anInt': 4, 'aStr': 'huh', 'aFloat': 0.4, 'aBool': False, },

expected = the_dict
actual = the_instance.to_dict()
assert actual == expected

expected = the_instance
actual = Test.from_dict(the_dict)
assert actual == expected

The library also includes:

  • RFC3339 tools (the default format for converting datetime to string),
  • dataclass type checking tools
  • dataclass copy method generator
  • dataclass multiline repr (replace auto generated repr for dataclasses by a multiline version)


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