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Project description

ElasticSearch Extensions for datapackage-pipelines



# use pip install

pip install datapackage-pipelines-elasticsearch

# OR clone the repo and install it with pip

git clone
pip install -e .


You can use datapackage-pipelines-elasticsearch as a plugin for (dpp)[\ ]. In pipeline-spec.yaml it will look like this

.. code:: yaml

  - run: elasticseach.dump.to_index


Saves the datapackage to an ElasticSearch instance.


-  ``engine`` - Connection string for connecting to the ElasticSearch
   instance (URL syntax)
    Also supports ``env://<environment-variable>``, which indicates that
   the connection string should be fetched from the indicated
   environment variable.
    If not specified, assumes a default of ``env://DPP_ELASTICSEARCH``
    Environment variable should take the form of 'host:port' or a
   fully-qualified url (e.g.
   '`https://user:pass@host:port <https://user:pass@host:port>`__\ ' or
   '`https://host:port <https://host:port>`__\ ' etc.)
-  ``indexes`` - Mapping between resources and indexes. Keys are index
   names, value is a list of objects with the following attributes:
-  ``resource-name`` - name of the resource that should be dumped to the
-  ``doc-type`` - The document type to use when indexing docuemtns

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