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A command line utility that runs your command line scripts from a yaml script

Project description

🔥 💥Now ``Dave`` supports both python ``3.5`` and ``3.6``! 🌟 ✨ ⚡️

Dave is a command line utility for your experiments. It manages concurrent runs, command line arguments and other stuff nicely for you!

The things it manages include:

  • generating run-specific variables, like {time} and {cwd} that you can access as template keys in your string.

  • maximum numbers of concurrent runs (via python multiprocess.Pool)

  • environment variables (env) such as DISPLAY=:1. You can also passing a file

  • default arguments

  • batch arguments for multiple experiments

  • pre-launch scripts that is ran only once for each batch

  • at-launch script that is run at the launch time of each experiment

  • post-launch script that is as soon as each experiment launches

  • post-run scripts that happens after each experiment is done.

Dave works with all of your current work flow and it doesn’t lock you into a specific way of doing things. You still get to use bash scripts or Makefile’s.

Why do we use YAML (with JSON planned as well)? My bash script is just fine!

Because YAML(and json) are human and machine readable whereas base arguments are not. When is the last time you looked at a bash script looking for hyper-parameters, only to realized that some key parameters are missing? With Dave you won’t have this problem. You can save all of the past and current runs as nicely readable YAML files(or json, Hjson Cson if you speak coffee script, whatever).

  • if you are writing a report, you can include these YAML/json/cson files directly into markdown or latex.

  • To see what you ran last night, you can glob all of the configurations with runs/**/experiment.yml and make nice tables in an instant.

  • To run a full batch of experiments, you can type default_args just ones, and then only repeat the fields that is different between each run.

Most importantly, Dave wants to establish a standard command line tool for machine learning work, and having a standard run.config.yml is just the first step!

Why is Dave named “Dave”?

It started out as an inside joke. Dave is my beloved adviser, and I thought it would be funny to dave --config-file "load_electrons.yml".

How shall I use Dave?

First thing first, you should alias Dave with whoever you want to call to run your experiments 😀 Recommended names include but not limited to

  • Michael

  • Fei-fei

  • Anna

  • Sasha

  • Michael

  • Michael

  • Michael (k. only if you are in med school…)

but I recommend lower-case only since it is after all… a command line app.

After aliasing this after your favorite person, you can follow the examples bellow :)

Note that **batteries are included**, and your mileage will vary.

Example Usage

First install via pip (it’s that simple!!)

pip install dave

Suppose you have the following folder structure

├── your_thesis
└── MAML_tensorflow
    ├── experiment.yml
    └── models

where the experiment.yml file looks like this:

%YAML 1.2
  max_concurrent: 10
  PYTHONPATH: test_directory
run: |
  {env} python {args}
  npts: 100
  num_epochs: 70000
  num_tasks: 10
  num_grad_steps: 1
  num_points_sampled: 10
  fix_amp: False
batch_args: # use good typing convention here
  - num_tasks: 10
    num_grad_steps: 1
    num_points_sampled: 10
  - num_tasks: 10
    num_grad_steps: 4
    num_points_sampled: 20
  - last_run: 10

Now under the project root, you can just run

dave --config-file "experiment.yml"

and it will automatically run the experiment twice, using the arguments in the batch_args field of the Yaml configuration file. ## To Develop

first download from github. Then under project folder, run (you also need to install the packages).

make dev test

Bucket List

  • [ ] Allow extensions

  • [ ] work on windows

  • [ ] allow env files

  • [ ] daemon mode

Happy Doing Science!



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