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Make your output sparkle, without long repetitive code

Project description

# Dazzle ✨

*Make your output sparkle, without long repetitive code*

Who doesn't love color, I know I do. However I don't like any color libs, they can take up so much column space, and
can end up being repetitive, leading to functions such as
def announcement(title: str, desc: str):
print(colorlib.BLUE + "Announcement: " + title + colorlib.WHITE + "\n\n" + desc)
I actually have nothing against these functions, but they got me thinking. If I'm always going to end up making
functions, let's cut to the chase.
from dazzle import Fore, INP

announce = Fore.BLUE + "Announcement: " + INP + Fore.WHITE + "\n\n" + INP
announce("Hello World", "Fizz Buzz")
Each of these methods would result in the same thing. Another issue with color libs, is that they can be a pain to
implement later down the road. Dazzle has you covered here too.
with Back.BLUE + INP + " " + Fore.RED + " " + INP:
print("John:", "Howdy Mary")
print("Mary:", "Howdy John")
Dazzle will override the print function, so that it will add the colors provided in the with statement. Keep in mind
that any excess input will be ignored.

## Pitfalls

When you call a color chain, you pass `write=False` in so that it doesn't print the result. If write is True, it won't
output anything. If False it will output that string.

* Start it with a normal string, use `t(<string>)` if you need to do that.
* Use with statement with inconsistent print functions.
* Wrap it with `()`. It should still work, but their's no need.
* Use *repr* when requiring an input.
* Be stupid.

These were the docs, this is a very small and simple library.
[here you'll find a list of colors]( that are
available. Dazzle covers Fore, Back, Style and Cursor, all as you'd expect. Thanks for using dazzle! ✨

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