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基于爬虫的豆瓣API SDK

Project description

# dbapi


## 安装

pip3 install dbapi

## 使用

dbapi --help
dbapi <api> [options...]
dbapi <module> <api> [options...]

Available API:
- ck
- expire
- flush
- json <url> <method> <params> <data>
- load
- login <username> <password>
- logout
- persist
- req <url> <method> <params> <data> <auth>
- toJSON
- to_xml <content> <kwargs>
- use <cookies>
- xml <url> <method> <params> <data>
- group
- group add_comment <topic_id> <content> <reply_id>
- group add_group <kwargs>
- group add_topic <group_alias> <title> <content>
- group get_topic <topic_id>
- group join_group <group_alias> <message>
- group leave_group <group_alias>
- group like_topic <topic_id>
- group list_commented_topics <start>
- group list_comments <topic_id> <start>
- group list_joined_groups <user_alias>
- group list_joined_topics <start>
- group list_liked_topics <user_alias> <start>
- group list_reced_topics <user_alias> <start>
- group list_topics <group_alias> <_type> <start>
- group list_user_comments <topic_id> <user_alias>
- group list_user_topics <start>
- group rec_topic <topic_id>
- group remove_comment <topic_id> <comment_id> <reason> <other>
- group remove_commented_topic <topic_id>
- group remove_group <group_id>
- group remove_topic <topic_id>
- group search_groups <keyword> <start>
- group search_topics <keyword> <sort> <start>
- group toJSON
- group undo_like_topic <topic_id>
- group undo_rec_topic <rec_id>
- group update_topic <topic_id> <title> <content>
- people
- people add_album <kwargs>
- people add_album_comment <kwargs>
- people add_photo <kwargs>
- people add_photo_comment <photo_id> <content>
- people add_status <kwargs>
- people get_album <album_id>
- people get_people <user_alias>
- people get_photo <photo_id>
- people like_photo <photo_id>
- people like_status <status_id>
- people list_albums <user_alias>
- people list_contacts <user_alias> <start>
- people list_photo_comments <photo_id> <start>
- people list_photo_likes <photo_id> <start>
- people list_photo_recs <photo_id> <start>
- people list_photos <album_id>
- people list_rev_contacts <user_alias> <start>
- people list_status_comments <user_alias> <start>
- people list_statuses <user_alias> <start>
- people rec_photo <photo_id>
- people remove_album <album_id>
- people remove_album_comment <kwargs>
- people remove_photo <photo_id>
- people remove_photo_comment <comment_id>
- people remove_status <status_id>
- people toJSON
- people undo_like_photo <photo_id>
- people undo_like_status <status_id>
- people undo_rec_photo <photo_id>
- people update_album <kwargs>

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