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Simple, light and nearly featureless database connection pool

Project description


A simple, light and nearly featureless database connection pool for Python.

Connections are added to the pool as needed up to max_size in number. Once added the connections will remain in the pool and no attempt is made to shrink the pool. In most cases it is recommended to set min_size == max_size.


import cx_Oracle
from dbcp_lite import DBConnectionPool

connect_args = ('scott', 'tiger', '')
pool = DBConnectionPool(cx_Oracle.connect, 
                        create_kwargs={'threaded': False}, 

with pool.acquire() as connection:

with pool.acquire_cursor() as cursor:


The acquire_cursor() is a convenience method that returns a Cursor using a Connection from the pool. Upon successful completion commit() will be called on the Connection and the Cursor will be closed.


A timeout can be provided to various methods. If no connections are available to be acquired or closed the methods will raise a PoolTimeout exception.

Lifecycle Methods

The following lifecycle methods are called during normal operations and alternate implementations can be provided if needed to perform specialized setup or cleanup.

on_acquire(self, connection) - no-op

on_return(self, connection) - default implementation calls connection.rollback()

on_close(self, connection) - default implementation calls connection.close()

For example, to implement auto-commit:

pool = ...
pool.on_return = lambda x: x.commit()

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