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The duckdb adapter plugin for dbt (data build tool)

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This project is hosted on PyPI, so you should be able to install it and the necessary dependencies via:

pip3 install dbt-duckdb

The latest supported version targets dbt-core 1.2.x and duckdb version 0.5.0 (but should also work with 0.4.0 and 0.3.2!)

Configuring your profile

DuckDB is an embedded database, similar to SQLite, but designed for OLAP-style analytics instead of OLTP. The only configuration parameter that is required in your profile (in addition to type: duckdb) is the path field, which should refer to a path on your local filesystem where you would like the DuckDB database file (and it's associated write-ahead log) to be written. You can also specify the schema parameter if you would like to use a schema besides the default (which is called main).

Prior to version 1.2.1, dbt-duckdb was limited to a single dbt execution thread; in version 1.2.1 this constraint was lifted and now dbt-duckdb can run with as many threads as you can throw at it.

There is also a database field defined in the DuckDBCredentials class for consistency with the parent Credentials class, but it defaults to main and setting it to be something else will likely cause strange things to happen that I cannot fully predict, so, ya know, don't do that.

As of version 1.2.0, dbt-duckdb also allows you to configure your S3 settings in your credentials, including s3_region and either s3_session_token or s3_access_key_id and s3_secret_access_key, so that you can use dbt-duckdb to read and transform data stored in S3 files. You can also specify an arbitrary number of DuckDB extensions to load as part of your dbt-duckdb project using the extensions: [] credentials field.

Developer Workflow

If you need to add features to dbt-duckdb itself, use this workflow to get started:

$ git clone
$ cd dbt-duckdb
$ "hack on stuff for awhile"
$ pip3 install .
$ pytest tests/

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