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The dbt adapter plugin for connecting to MindsDB

Project description

🚧 dbt-mindsdb 🚧

The dbt-mindsdb package allows dbt to connect to MindsDB.


Atm, can only be installed from source:

git clone
python develop

There is an dependency issue with latest dbt-core, so make sure to run:

pip install markupsafe==2.0.1


Basic profile.yml for connecting to MindsDB:

      database: 'mindsdb'
      host: ''
      password: ''
      port: 47335
      schema: 'mindsdb'
      type: mindsdb
      username: 'mindsdb'
  target: dev
Key Required Description Example
type ✔️ The specific adapter to use mindsdb
host ✔️ The MindsDB (hostname) to connect to
port ✔️ The port to use 3306 or 47335
schema ✔️ Specify the schema (database) to build models into The MindsDB datasource
username ✔️ The username to use to connect to the server mindsdb or mindsdb cloud user
password ✔️ The password to use for authenticating to the server `pass


  • Create dbt project, choose mindsdb database and set up connection
    dbt init <project_name>
  • To create predictor add dbt model with "predictor" materialization: Name of the model is used as name of predictor. Parameters:
    • integration - name of used integration to get data from and save result to. In has to be created in mindsdb beforehand
    • predict - field for prediction
    • predict_alias [optional] - alias for predicted field
    • using [optional] - options for configure trained model
                'encoders.location.module': 'CategoricalAutoEncoder',
                'encoders.rental_price.module': 'NumericEncoder'
      select * from stores
  • To apply predictor add dbt model with "table" materialization. It creates or replaces table in selected integration with results of predictor. Name of the model is used as name of the table to store prediction results. If you need to specify schema you can do it with dot separator: schema_name.table_name.sql
    • predictor_name - name of using predictor. It has to be created in mindsdb
    • integration - name of used integration to get data from and save result to. In has to be created in mindsdb beforehand
    {{ config(materialized='table', predictor_name='TEST_PREDICTOR_NAME', integration='int1') }}
        select a, bc from ddd where name > latest


  • Install dev requirements
  pip install -r dev_requirements.txt
  • Run pytest
  python -m pytest tests/

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