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transforms values into properly wrapped dbus-python objects

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This library contains a function, make_class, that consumes an XML specification of a D-Bus interface.

>>> Klass = make_class("Klass", spec)

This call yields a Python class, called Klass, with two static class members, “Methods” and “Properties”. The “Methods” class has a static method corresponding to each method defined in the interface. Each method takes a proxy object as its first argument followed by any number of keyword arguments, corresponding to the arguments of the method. The “Properties” class has a static class corresponding to every property defined in the interface. Each property class may have a static Get() or Set() method, depending on its attributes.

For example, assuming the interface defines a read only Version property, the following call should return a value.

>>> Klass.Properties.Version.Get()

However, since Version is a read only property, the following call should fail with an AttributeError.

>>> Klass.Properties.Version.Set("42")

Similarly, if the interface defines a method, Create, with one argument, name, a STRING, the following call should succeed.

>>> Klass.Methods.Create(proxy, name="name")

The Create method invokes the method on the proxy object, passing force, transformed into a dbus-python String type.

On the other hand, the invocation will raise a DPClientError exception if the method is called with an argument with an incorrect type as,

>>> Klass.Methods.Create(proxy, name=false)

or with an incorrect keyword as,

>>> Klass.Methods.Create(proxy, force=false)

or without all the necessary keywords as,

>>> Klass.Methods.Create(proxy)


This library exports one exception type, DPClientError. It constitutes a bug if an error of any other type is propagated during class generation or when the methods of the class are executed.


  • dbus-python

  • into-dbus-python


This library is not compatible with Python 2.

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