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C{DBXS} (“database access”) is an asynchronous database access layer based on

Project description

DBXS: Simple Python Database Access

Sometimes, you just want to write SQL. No ORM, no expression language. SQL can be just fine. Plain SQL exposes a lot of features from your database engine which may not be expressible in a higher-level database abstraction.

But... you still don't want to allow for SQL injection. And you don't want the SQL smeared out, disorganized, in strings all over your codebase.

DBXS is a very lightweight system for organizing your queries into a traditional data-access layer, using Python's built-in typing.Protocol to ensure that your database queries are type-safe, and requiring them to be defined at module import time, so as to avoid the possibility of accidental string formatting on your queries based on input.

Using it looks like this:

class Quote:
    db: QuoteDB
    id: int
    contents: str

from dbxs import query, one, many

class QuoteDB(Protocol):
        sql="select id, contents from quote where id = {id}",
    async def quoteByID(self, id: int) -> Quote:

        sql="select id, contents from quote",
    def allQuotes(self) -> AsyncIterable[Quote]:

quotes = accessor(QuoteDB)

driver = adaptSynchronousDriver(lambda: sqlite3.connect(...))

async def main() -> None:
    async with transaction(driver) as t:
        quotedb: QuoteDB = quotes(t)
        print("quote 1", (await quotedb.quoteByID(1)).contents)
        async for quote in quotedb.allQuotes():
            print("quote",, quote.contents)

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