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RESTful Flask framework with builtin MongoDB, Redis, Celery, Sentry and Slack integrations

Project description

🙈 Dead Simple Web Framework 🙉

Python Flask MongoDB/Pymongo PyPi


A RESTful Flask framework with MongoDB, Redis, Celery, Slack and Sentry integrations:


  • Flask [Framework]
  • MongoDB [Database]
  • Redis [Cache]
  • Celery + RabbitMQ [Async Tasks]
  • Slack + Sentry [Logging]


$ pip install dead-simple-framework



Example Application (

from dead_simple_framework import Route, RouteHandler, Application
from dead_simple_framework.handlers import UserRouteHandler, LoginRouteHandler, Permissions, DefaultPermissionsRouteHandler
from dead_simple_framework.database import Indices
from dead_simple_framework.api.errors import API_Error
from dead_simple_framework.api.utils import JsonError

# Method that throws a sample error
def throw(msg): raise API_Error(msg, 400)

# App config for a simple blog application with user accounts
sample_config = {
    'routes': {
        # Users
        'users': Route(
            # Route with a built-in handler for creating, updating, fetching and deleting users
            # Only authenticated users can perform certain operations.
            # Adding a `verifier` to the class will let you allow only a specific user to update 
            # their data or delete their account.
            url = '/api/users',
                PUT='USER', PATCH='USER', GET='USER', DELETE='USER'
            # The schema controls what data can be passed to the endpoint
            # In this case, a user ObjectId is required and the only property
            # supported. 
                'GET': {
                    'type': 'object',
                    'properties': {
                        '_id': {'type': 'string'}
                    'required': ['_id']
            # The MongoDB collection where data for this route should be stored
            # It is passed to any overloaded method handlers (e.g. a custom GET method)

        # Authentication
        'authentication': Route(
            # Route with a built-in handler for authenticating users and issuing a JSON Web Token
            # It relies on the same collection as the core `users` route

        # Posts
        'posts': Route(
            # Route with a builtin generic CRUD handler for creating, updating, fetching and deleting posts
            # Only authenticated users can perform certain operations.
            handler=DefaultPermissionsRouteHandler(permissions=Permissions(POST=['USER'], PUT=['USER'], PATCH=['USER'], DELETE=['USER'])),

        # Sample Error
        'error': Route(
            # Route that demonstrates built-in error handling
                # Custom handlers allow a POST request or a GET request to create different errors
                POST=lambda request, payload: throw(f'POST - Error from payload {payload}'),
                GET=lambda request, payload: JsonError('This is a GET error', code=500),

    # Application settings
    'settings': {
        # JWT Settings determine if the app uses JWT, what the token lifespan will be and more
        'jwt_settings': {
            'app_use_jwt': True,
            'app_jwt_lifespan': 600,
            'app_permissions': ['USER', 'ADMIN'],

    # MongoDB indices for each collection used by the application
    'indices': Indices({
        'users': {
            'username': {
                'order': -1
            'password': {
                'order': 1,
                'compound_with': 'username'

if __name__ == '__main__':
  • Starts a local server at

  • Serves CRUD operations for MongoDB users collection users at endpoint /api/users

  • Issues JWT tokents for created users at endpoint /api/authenticate

  • Serves CRUD operations for MongoDB collection posts at endpoint /api/posts

  • Demos errors at endpoint /error

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