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Command line utility to build Deb package without Debian

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Command line utility to build Deb package without Debian.


This project allows to create archives for Debian (.deb) using only Python technologies. It is inspired by the Fpm project and jdeb project which allows to create different types of archives on any platform.

I decided to create the Debbuild project, because it is a better way to create a Debian package on any platform. Previsouly, creating packages for Debian required the creation of a debian directory, the creation of several configuration files and tools like dpkg to build the package. With Debbuild it is possible to build the package without Debian by using a python script. This makes the creation of packages easier and the process simpler and more understandable.

A good usage scenario is the creation of a package containing the binary version of your project created from PyInstaller.


Install Debbuild from pypi.

pip install debbuild


A simple example how to use Debbuild to quickly create a Debian package.

debbuild --name mypackage --version 1.0.1 --data-src /opt/mypackage=<path-to-dir>


If you need help or experience problem while using Debuild, open a ticket in Gitlab or Github.


More specialized feature could be added:

  • Service Unit creation
  • Support more compression type like zstd


This project is release under the MIT License.

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