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Job scheduler for Docker containers, configured via container labels.

Project description


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**A job scheduler for Docker containers, configured via container labels.**

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* Free software: ISC license


- define regular jobs to run within a container context with container and optionally with image
- use date, interval and cron-like triggers
- set a maximum of simultaneously running instances per job
- restrict job scheduling to one container per service
- multi-architecture image supports ``amd64`` and ``armv7l`` platforms, no emulator involved


Let's say you want to dump the database of a Wordpress once a day. Here's a ``docker-compose.yml``
that defines a job that will be handled by *deck-chores*:

.. code-block:: yaml

version: '2'

image: wordpress
image: mariadb
- ./database_dumps:/dumps
deck-chores.dump.command: sh -c "mysqldump --all-databases > /dumps/dump-$$(date -Idate)"
deck-chores.dump.interval: daily

It is however recommended to use scripts with a proper shebang for such actions. Their outputs to
``stdout`` and ``stderr`` as well as their exit code will be logged by *deck-chores*.


At the moment *deck-chores* is designed to run on a single Docker node, not
within a cluster of these. Code and documentation contribution covering this
are highly encouraged.


It wouldn't be as charming to write this piece of software without these projects:

* `APScheduler <>`_ for managing jobs
* `cerberus <>`_ for processing metadata
* `docker-py <>`_ for Docker interaction
* `flake8 <>`_, `mypy <>`_,
`pytest <>`_ and `tox <>`_ for testing
* `Python <>`_


- Frank Sachsenheim (maintaining)
- aeri4list
- alpine-digger
- Brynjar Smári Bjarnason


0.3 (2019-01-06)

* *fix*: log the version at startup, not its variable name

0.3-rc1 (2018-12-18)

* *new*: the container configuration ``options.user`` allows to set an executing user
for all jobs that don't define one, can also be set on an image (:issue:`5`)
* *new*: environment variables for a job can be set in a job's ``env`` namespace
* *new*: a job's ``workdir`` attribute can be used to set the working directory (:issue:`42`)
* *new*: cron and interval triggers can be configured to delay randomly with the ``jitter``
option (:issue:`43`)
* *new*: interval triggers and the jitter option can be defined with strings containing
time units
* *removed*: the ``DEFAULT_USER`` environment variable is removed (:issue:`17`)
* *removed*: parsing of environment variables ``ASSERT_FINGERPRINT`` and ``DOCKER_DAEMON``
* *changed*: the container configuration ``options`` is moved to ``options.flags``
* *changed*: the environment variable ``DEFAULT_OPTIONS`` is renamed to ``DEFAULT_FLAGS``
* *changed*: upgraded base image
* *changed*: upgraded used Cerberus version
* *changed*: requires Python 3.7
* *fix*: includes the ``tzdata`` package in the image (:issue:`33`)
* *fix*: add jobs as paused for paused containers on startup
* *refactoring*: uses the Python Docker SDK 3.5 (:issue:`31`)

0.2 (2018-02-23)

* *new*: documentation how to run scheduled jobs only (:issue:`25` by @binnisb)
* *fix*: documentation on cron triggers (:issue:`27` by @alpine-digger)

0.2-rc3 (2017-12-23)

* *changed*: arm builds base on `python:3.6-alpine <>`_
that are executed on an ARMv7l architecture
* *changed*: Updated dependencies *APScheduler* and *docker-py*

0.2-rc2 (2017-08-05)

* *changed*: arm builds base on `arm32v6/python <>`_
* *changed*: therefore ``arm32v6`` replaces the ``arm``-suffix in image tags
* *changed*: there are no more images that get tagged with ``latest-$architecture``

0.2-rc1 (2017-07-01)

* *refactoring*: uses the Python Docker SDK 2 (:issue:`14`)
* *removed*: ``ASSERT_FINGERPRINT`` environment variable
* *renamed*: ``DOCKER_DAEMON`` to ``DOCKER_HOST`` to comply with the SDK
* *fix*: check on fixed labels (:issue:`18` by @aeri4list)
* documentation updates

0.1 (2017-03-02)

* *fix*: docker-py returns ``None`` for labels of images that were created with
older Docker versions (:issue:`7`)

0.1.beta3 (2017-01-22)

* *new*: there's now a build for arm architectures
* *new*: an architecture agnostic manifest is pushed to the image registry for
release images

0.1.beta2 (2016-12-08)

* *new:* set log format per :envvar:LOG_FORMAT
* *new:* an options label to set behavioural flags
* *new:* containers can be identified as a service by configurable labels
* *new:* job definitions for further containers of a service are ignored
(default, opt-out can be configured)
* *new:* image labels can also be parsed for job definitions
(default, opt-out can be configured)

0.1.beta1 (2016-12-04)

* First release with full documentation

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