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a library for controlling certain deebot vacuums

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Library for DeebotOzmo 960/950/920

A simple command-line python script to drive a robot vacuum. Currently known to work with the Ecovacs Deebot 960/950/920 from both North America and Europe.


If you have a recent version of Python 3, you should be able to do pip install deebotozmo to get the most recently released version of this.


To get started, you'll need to have already set up an EcoVacs account using your smartphone.

You are welcome to try using this as a python library for other efforts. A simple usage might go something like this:

import aiohttp
import asyncio
import logging
import random
import string

from deebotozmo.commands import *
from deebotozmo.commands.clean import CleanAction
from deebotozmo.ecovacs_api import EcovacsAPI
from deebotozmo.ecovacs_mqtt import EcovacsMqtt
from import BatteryEvent
from deebotozmo.util import md5
from deebotozmo.vacuum_bot import VacuumBot

device_id = "".join(random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits) for _ in range(12))
email = "your email or phonenumber (cn)"
password_hash = md5("yourPassword")
continent = "eu"
country = "de"

async def main():
  async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
    api = EcovacsAPI(session, device_id, email, password_hash, continent=continent, country=country,
    await api.login()

    devices_ = await api.get_devices()

    auth = await api.get_request_auth()
    bot = VacuumBot(session, auth, devices_[0], continent=continent, country=country, verify_ssl=False)

    mqtt = EcovacsMqtt(continent=continent, country=country)
    await mqtt.initialize(auth)
    await mqtt.subscribe(bot)

    async def on_battery(event: BatteryEvent):
      # Do stuff on battery event
      if event.value == 100:
        # Battery full

    # Subscribe for events (more events available)

    # Execute commands
    await bot.execute_command(Clean(CleanAction.START))
    await asyncio.sleep(900)  # Wait for...
    await bot.execute_command(Charge())

if __name__ == '__main__':
  loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

A more advanced example can be found here.


My heartfelt thanks to:

  • sucks, After all, this is a sucks fork :)
  • xmpppeek, a great library for examining XMPP traffic flows ( yes, your vacuum speaks Jabbber!),
  • mitmproxy, a fantastic tool for analyzing HTTPS,
  • click, a wonderfully complete and thoughtful library for making Python command-line interfaces,
  • requests, a polished Python library for HTTP requests,
  • Decompilers online, which was very helpful in figuring out what the Android app was up to,
  • Albert Louw, who was kind enough to post code from his own experiments with his device, and
  • All the users who have given useful feedback and contributed code!

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