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A python package for deep multilingual punctuation prediction.

Project description

Deep multilingual punctuation Prediction

This python library predicts the punctuation of English, Italian, French and German texts. We developed it to restore the punctuation of transcribed spoken language.

This uses our "FullStop" model that we trained on the Europarl Dataset. Please note that this dataset consists of political speeches. Therefore the model might perform differently on texts from other domains.

The code restores the following punctuation markers: "." "," "?" "-" ":"


To get started install the package from pypi:

pip install deepmultilingualpunctuation


The PunctuationModel class an process texts of any length. Note that processing of very long texts can be time consuming.

Restore Punctuation

model = PunctuationModel()
text = "My name is Clara and I live in Berkeley California Ist das eine Frage Frau Müller"
result = model.restore_punctuation(text)


My name is Clara and I live in Berkeley, California. Ist das eine Frage, Frau Müller?

Predict Labels

model = PunctuationModel()
text = "My name is Clara and I live in Berkeley California Ist das eine Frage Frau Müller"
clean_text = model.preprocess(text)
labled_words = model.predict(clean_text)

[['My', '0', 0.9999887], ['name', '0', 0.99998665], ['is', '0', 0.9998579], ['Clara', '0', 0.6752215], ['and', '0', 0.99990904], ['I', '0', 0.9999877], ['live', '0', 0.9999839], ['in', '0', 0.9999515], ['Berkeley', ',', 0.99800044], ['California', '.', 0.99534047], ['Ist', '0', 0.99998784], ['das', '0', 0.99999154], ['eine', '0', 0.9999918], ['Frage', ',', 0.99622655], ['Frau', '0', 0.9999889], ['Müller', '?', 0.99863917]]


The performance differs for the single punctuation markers as hyphens and colons, in many cases, are optional and can be substituted by either a comma or a full stop. The model achieves the following F1 scores for the different languages:

0 0.991 0.997 0.992 0.989
. 0.948 0.961 0.945 0.942
? 0.890 0.893 0.871 0.832
, 0.819 0.945 0.831 0.798
: 0.575 0.652 0.620 0.588
- 0.425 0.435 0.431 0.421
macro average 0.775 0.814 0.782 0.762


Please cite us if you found this useful:

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