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Python classes to aid rapid development of Uniswap V2 & V3 arbitrage bots on EVM-compatible blockchains

Project description


Degenbot is a set of Python classes that abstract many of the implementation details of Uniswap liquidity pools and their underlying ERC-20 tokens. It is an abstraction that uses for communication with an EVM blockchain.

These classes serve as a building blocks for the lessons published by BowTiedDevil on Degen Code.

The classes originally relied on Brownie, but have evolved to use more generally following Brownie's transition to "maintenance mode". The degenbot classes still operate when loaded within a Brownie console or when connected to a Python script with a connected chain object.


Python version 3.10 or newer.


There are two ways to install degenbot, both require pip.

From PyPI

pip install degenbot will fetch the latest version from PyPI with dependencies.

From Source

Use git clone to create a local copy of this repo, then install with pip install -e /path/to/repo. This creates an editable installation that can be imported into a script or Python REPL using import degenbot.


The following snippets assume a connected Web3 instance with a working provider on Ethereum mainnet (chain ID #1), and the classes imported under the degenbot namespace.

Uniswap V2 Liquidity Pools

# Create `LiquidityPool` object from on-chain data at the given address and current chain height
>>> lp = degenbot.LiquidityPool('0xBb2b8038a1640196FbE3e38816F3e67Cba72D940')
• WBTC (Wrapped BTC)
• WETH (Wrapped Ether)
WBTC-WETH (V2, 0.30%)
• Token 0: WBTC - Reserves: 10732489743
• Token 1: WETH - Reserves: 2056834999904002274711

# Get information about the tokens held by the pool
'Wrapped BTC'

'Wrapped Ether'

>>> lp.fee_token0
Fraction(3, 1000)

>>> lp.fee_token1
Fraction(3, 1000)

# Predict the input and output values for swaps through the pool, accounting for fees
>>> lp.calculate_tokens_out_from_tokens_in(token_in=lp.token1, token_in_quantity=1*10**18)

>>> lp.calculate_tokens_in_from_tokens_out(token_out=lp.token0, token_out_quantity=5199789)

# Update the current reserves from the live blockchain (`True` if updated reserves found, `False` otherwise)
>>> lp.update_reserves()
[WBTC-WETH (V2, 0.30%)]
WBTC: 10732455184
WETH: 2056841643098872755548
WBTC/WETH: 0.05217929741946638
WETH/WBTC: 19.164688860431703
>>> lp.reserves_token0

>>> lp.reserves_token1

Uniswap V3 Liquidity Pools


Uniswap Arbitrage


Local Forking With Anvil


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