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Common code I use in all my projects

Project description

This is a collection of code that I use in nearly all my projects:

  • Mainline helper
  • Custom python exception class
  • Logging helpers
  • Option merging
  • Validation and Normalisation of data
  • Module addon system

Documentation can be found at


0.7.3 - 4 January 2020
  • Made extra_files option to Collector#prepare take in dictionaries.
0.7.2 - 31 December 2019
  • The option_merge formatter will now let through None
0.7.1 - 19 November 2019
  • --logging-program can now be specified at the same time as --silent or --debug
0.7.0 - 5 November 2019
  • fuzzyAssertRaisesError will now catch BaseExceptions like the pytest assertRaises does. Mainly so I can catch asyncio.CancelledError under Python 3.8.
  • delfick_project is now only compatible with Python versions greater than 3.6
0.6.0 - 14 October 2019
  • Ensure that as_dict on a dictobj or MergedOptions works if we have objects with an as_dict method that doesn’t take in any parameters.
0.5.2 - 3 October 2019
  • Added an option –logging-handler-file for saying where logs should go to. This essentially defaults to sys.stderr
0.5.1 - 18 September 2019
  • Removed six import I didn’t notice in migration
0.5 - 18 September 2019

Moved the following projects into here

This is mostly a drop in replacement to including these projects

Changes include:

  • Dropped support for python2
  • delfick_app is now under
    • No boto integration in delfick_app
    • No command_output function in delfick_app
    • No DelayedFileType argparse helper as that’s only necessary in python2.6
    • Added OptionalFileType that returns None if the file doesn’t exist
  • delfick_error is now under delfick_project.errors and delfick_project.errors_pytest
  • delfick_logging is now under delfick_project.logging.
    • rainbow_logging_handler is now an optional dependency. If you want colourful logs then just install ‘rainbow_logging_handler==2.2.2’ in your python environment
  • option_merge is now under delfick_project.option_merge
    • The MergedOptionStringFormatter can be used as is and doesn’t require being a subclass. This is because I can use DelfickError to implement the missing parts that had to be done by the user
    • The MergedOptionStringFormatter makes it easier to specify custom format specs. If you want a custom spec to not be formatted then specify it in a class attribute on your Formatter as passthrough_format_specs (which should be a list of strings). And just implement special_format_field.
    • The MergedOptionStringFormatter __init__ has changed signature and is just __init__(all_options, value, chain=None). To mimic the option_path option from before say something like MyFormatter(all_options, "{path}") instead of MyFormatter(all_options, "path")
  • input_algorithms is now under delfick_project.norms
    • many_item_formatted_spec is now under spec_base
    • you can now say from delfick_project.norms import sb instead of from input_algorithms import spec_base as sb
    • dictobj no longer has a dependency on the namedlist project
  • the option_merge_addons.option_merge_addon_hook is now from delfick_project.addons import addon_hook and the default namespace it looks for is now delfick_project.addons rather than option_merge.addons
  • Resolving addons with delfick_project.addons will no longer intercept exceptions with a BadImport exception.
  • collector.register_converters now has a different signature. You just pass in a dictionary of {key: spec} where key is either a string or tuple of strings. So you don’t need to tell it about the Meta or NotSpecified objects.

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