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Utilities for working with gettext PO and POT files to ease development and improve localization quality

Project description

Dennis is a set of utilities for working with PO files to ease development and improve quality. Translate POT files to find problems with localization in your code. Lint PO files for common problems like variable formatting, mismatched HTML, missing variables, etc.

dennis-cmd has the following subcommands:

  • lint: Lints PO and POT files for problems including errors that can cause your production system to crash and problems in strings that can lead to poor translations.

    The system allows for defining other variable formats.

  • status: Get a high-level status of a PO file including a list of unstranslated strings.

  • translate: Translates strings in PO files into something else! Comes with an HTML extractor (tokenizes strings so that only the text is translated) and a bunch of translations like Pirate!.

    This is helpful for l10n testing, development, finding unicode/layout problems, amazing your friends, hilarious April 1st shenanigans, etc.

    Specify the tokenizer/transform pipeline you want to use that combines things. Zombie? Sure! Shouty Zombie? Ok! Manic shouty Dubstep? Bring it on!

    This also works on strings passed in as command line arguments and as stdin—it doesn’t have to be a PO file or in a PO format format. For example, Dennis uses Dennis to translate all Dennis commit messages into Pirate!. That’s how cool Dennis is!

Quick start


$ pip install dennis

Lint a PO file for problems:

$ dennis-cmd lint locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po

Lint all your PO files for errors:

$ dennis-cmd lint --errorsonly locale/

Lint a POT file for problems:

$ dennis-cmd lint locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES/messages.pot

Translate a PO file in place into Pirate!:

$ dennis-cmd translate --pipeline=html,pirate \

Get help:

$ dennis-cmd

Project details

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License:BSD 3-clause; see LICENSE file

Why is it called Dennis?

This is how @willkg names his software projects.

Project details

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