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Inspect Python package dependencies

Project description

Dependente: Inspect Python package dependencies

Part of the Fatiando a Terra project

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Dependente is a small command-line program for extracting dependencies from Python project files (pyproject.toml and setup.cfg) and converting them into requirements.txt-type files for use with pip and conda.

The main reason to do so is to control and customize the testing environment on continuous integration (CI) while avoiding repeating the list of dependencies in multiple places.


Dependente is available from PyPI:

python -m pip install dependente

and conda-forge:

conda install dependente -c conda-forge


Parse the install (run-time) dependencies from setup.cfg:

$ dependente > requirements.txt
🚀 Extracting dependencies: install
🔎 Parsing setup.cfg
   - 3 dependencies found
🖨  Printing 3 dependencies to the standard output stream
🥳 Done! 🥳

$ cat requirements.txt
# Install (run-time) dependencies from setup.cfg

Pin the dependencies to their oldest supported version (useful for testing in CI):

$ dependente --oldest > requirements-oldest.txt
🚀 Extracting dependencies: install
🔎 Parsing setup.cfg
   - 3 dependencies found
🕰  Pinning dependencies to their oldest versions
🖨  Printing 3 dependencies to the standard output stream
🥳 Done! 🥳

$ cat requirements-oldest.txt
# Install (run-time) dependencies from setup.cfg

Read build dependencies from pyproject.toml:

$ dependente --source build > requirements-build.txt
🚀 Extracting dependencies: build
🔎 Parsing pyproject.toml
   - 3 dependencies found
🖨  Printing 3 dependencies to the standard output stream
🥳 Done! 🥳

$ cat requirements-build.txt
# Build dependencies from pyproject.toml

See a full list of options:

$ dependente --help
Usage: dependente [OPTIONS]

  Dependente: Inspect Python package dependencies

  Reads from the configuration files in the current directory and outputs to
  stdout a list of dependencies into a format accepted by pip.

  Supported formats:

  * pyproject.toml (only build-system > requires)

  * setup.cfg (install_requires and options.extras_require)

  -s, --source TEXT            Which sources of dependency information to
                               extract. Can be any combination of
                               'install,extras,build'.  [default: install]
  -o, --oldest                 If enabled, will pin dependencies to the oldest
                               accepted version.  [default: False]
  -v, --verbose / -q, --quiet  Print information during execution / Don't
                               print  [default: verbose]
  --version                    Show the version and exit.
  -h, --help                   Show this message and exit.


The current implementation is a proof-of-concept and has some limitations:

  • Input files must be in the current working directory.
  • Reads all extra dependencies simultaneously (can't separate between different option.extras_requires fields).
  • Only supports reading from setup.cfg and pyproject.toml (build dependencies only).

Of course, all of these could be addressed if there is enough interest. Issues and PRs are welcome!

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Dependente is free and open-source software distributed under the MIT License.

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