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Library for bumping project version like a pro

Project description


travis appveyor MIT License

Library for bumping project version.

Available schemes:

  • calver

  • comver

  • pep

  • roman

  • romver

  • semver

  • serial

  • zerover

Available rules (and aliases):

  • init – initialize versioning

  • Main parts:

    • major (breaking)

    • minor (feature)

    • patch (fix, micro)

  • Additional parts:

    • dev

    • local

    • post

  • Pre-release management:

    • pre (rc, alpha, beta)

    • premajor (prebreaking)

    • preminor (prefeature)

    • prepatch (prefix, premicro)

    • release

Read more about schemes and rules in the documentation for dephell project bump.


install from PyPI:

python3 -m pip install --user dephell_versioning


Get available schemes, rules, and aliases:

from dephell_versioning import get_aliases, get_rules, get_schemes
# frozenset({'roman', 'pep', ..., 'comver'})

# frozenset({'local', 'minor', ..., 'dev', 'preminor'})

# frozenset({'alpha', 'rc', ..., 'micro', 'breaking'})

# get rules for some scheme:
# frozenset({'major', 'patch', 'init'})

# get aliases for specific rules:
get_aliases(rules={'major', 'minor'})
# frozenset({'feature', 'breaking'})

Bump version:

from dephell_versioning import bump_version

bump_version(version='1.2.3', rule='minor', scheme='semver')
# '1.3.0'

# pass aliase instead of rule:
bump_version(version='1.2.3', rule='feature', scheme='semver')
# '1.3.0'

# start rule from `+` to attach local version number:
bump_version(version='1.2.3', rule='+456', scheme='semver')
# '1.2.3+456'

# for `init` version is optional
bump_version(version='', rule='init', scheme='semver')
# '0.1.0'

Bump version in a python file:

from dephell_versioning import bump_file
from pathlib import Path

# returns `True` if version was bumped
bump_file(path=Path('dephell_versioning', ''), old='0.1.0', new='0.1.1')
# True

# old version is optional: any version will be bumped if old isn't found
bump_file(path=Path('dephell_versioning', ''), old='', new='0.1.2')
# True

Use dephell_discover to find out the current version in a python project:

from dephell_discover import Root
from pathlib import Path
root = Root(path=Path(), name='dephell_discover')

# root.metainfo can be None if project isn't found in the given directory
if root.metainfo:
# '0.1.2'

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