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DeployHub's CLI using the dhapi module.


ACTION - one of the following

  • deploy - deploy the application to the environment

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --appname --appversion (optional) --deployenv

  • approve - approve the application version

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --appname --appversion (optional)

  • move - move the application version using the supplied task

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --appname --appversion (optional) --from_domain --task

  • updatecomp - create/replace the component version for the application verion

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --compname --compvariant (optional) --compversion (optional) --autocompinc (optional) --appname (optional) --appversion (optional) --autoappinc (optional) --compattr --consumes (optional) --provides (optional)

    • Predefined Key/Values:

      • BuildId - Identifier for the CI job
      • BuildNumber - Build number for the CI job
      • BuildUrl - url for the CI job
      • Chart - Helm Chart for the component
      • ChartNamespace - Name space for the component to be deployed to
      • ChartRepo - Helm Chart Repo Name
      • ChartRepoUrl - Helm Chart Repo Url
      • ChartVersion - Helm Chart version
      • CustomAction - Custom Action to assign to the Component
      • DockerBuildDate - Timestamp when the image was created
      • DockerRepo - Registry which the image was pushed to
      • DockerSha - Digest for the image
      • DockerTag - Tag for the image
      • GitBranch - Git branch in the git repo
      • GitCommit - Git commit that triggered the CI job
      • GitRepo - Git repo that triggered the CI job
      • GitTag - Git tag in the git repo
      • GitUrl - Full url to the git repo
      • operator - Operator name
      • Readme - Readme location in the Git Repo
      • ServiceOwner - Owner of the Service
      • ServiceOwnerEmail - Email for the Owner of the Service
      • ServiceOwnerPhone - Phone number for the Owner of the Service
  • assign - assigns a component version to an application verion

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --compname --compvariant (optional) --compversion (optional) --appname --appversion (optional)

  • kv - assigns the key/values pairs to the component verion

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --compname --compvariant (optional) --compversion (optional) --kvconfig

  • envscript - creates a bash file from the component toml file

    • Usage:

      --envvars --envvars_sh

  • export - exports a domain including all objects to stdout

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --from_dom

  • import - imports the export file into the new domain

    • Usage:

      --dhurl --dhuser --dhpass --from_dom --to_dom

    Parameter Descriptions:

    • --dhurl - DeployHub Url
    • --dhuser - DeployHub User
    • --dhpass - DeployHub Password
    • --appname - Application Name
    • --appversion - Application Version
    • --appautoinc - Application Auto Increment Version
    • --deployenv - Deployment Environment
    • --compname - Component Name
    • --compvariant - Component Variant
    • --compversion - Component Version
    • --compautoinc - Component Auto Increment Version
    • --kvconfig - Directory containing the json and properties file
    • --crdatasource - Change Request Data Source for the Component
    • --changerequest - Change Request for Component, use multiple time for each Change Request Id
    • --deploydata - The json file that contains the application, environment and log details
    • --from_domain - Move from domain
    • --task - Task to use for move
    • --envvars - Env Variables TOML file
    • --envvars_sh - Env Variables Output sh file
    • --docker - docker Kind of the component item
    • --file - file Kind of the component item
    • --compattr - Component Attributes, use multiple time for each attr
    • --envs - Environments to Associate App to, use multiple time for each env
    • --importfile - File to Import
    • --fromdom - From Domain
    • --todom - To Domain
    • --msname - New microservice being added to the cluster
    • --msbranch - New microservice branch being added to the cluster
    • --consumes - json file that lists the endpoints the component consumes. [ {"verb", "get", "path": "/weather"}]
    • --provides - json file that lists the endpoints the component provides. [ {"verb", "get", "path": "/checkout"}]

    Example Jenkinsfile Snippet:

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