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distributing activities of the tox tool

Project description

Project Status: Unsupported – The project has reached a stable, usable state but the author(s) have ceased all work on it.

detox is unmaintained and incompatible with tox > 3.6

detox was a plugin for tox to enable parallel environment execution. tox 3.7 added a native possibility to do this (tox -p|--parallel) and effectively supercedes detox.

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What is detox?

detox is the distributed version of tox. It makes efficient use of multiple CPUs by running all possible activities in parallel. It has the same options and configuration that tox has so after installation can just run:


in the same way and with the same options with which you would run tox, see the tox home page for more info.

Additionally, detox offers a -n or --num option to set the number of concurrent processes to use.

NOTE due to the concurrent execution of the testenvs the output of the different testruns is not printed to the terminal. Instead they are logged into separate files inside the log directories of the testenvs.



  • as tox added a parallel mode in 3.7 detox will only work with older versions of tox now so the installation requires a version of tox < 3.7
  • mark repository as unmaintained
  • add a warning at the end of the testrun hinting the user to try it without detox and a version of tox > 3.6


Note that usedevelop still does not seem to be fixed (PRs welcome)

  • integrate usable fixes from stale PR7
    • (fix #20 detox ignores/breaks usedevelop - by Kendall Chuang
    • (fix #21 detox doesn't support skipsdist config option - by Kendall Chuang
  • convert changelog to markdown and render as part of description on PyPI
  • detox version now prints own version and then what tox has to say (it's a plugin after all and that should be made clear)
  • [Internal changes]
    • add extra dependencies in
    • update tests to current pytest API
    • use black for code formatting
    • use flake8 for linting
    • add descriptions to tox envs
    • add a "dev" tox env

0.17 (botched release)

0.16 (not released)


  • (fix #23) do not swallow exceptions - by @vlaci
  • (fix #16) use tox quiet level to make detox quiet - by Oliver Bestwalter


  • and now the markdown description might even be rendered


  • sigh replace hardcoded long description with actual content of


  • propagate information about new location of issie tracker to PyPI


  • (fix #15) make detox aware of new way to fetch a package in tox 3.3 - by Oliver Bestwalter
  • (fix #15) make detox aware of new way to fetch a package in tox 3.3 - by Oliver Bestwalter
  • (fix #25) print out detox version rather than tox version including detox version as plugin, when invoking [detox --version]{.title-ref} - by Oliver Bestwalter


  • (fix #283) detox creates virtualenvs repeatedly and unnecessarily - by Thomas Steinke


  • (fix #792) bump tox version constraint to <4.0 - by Pi Delport
  • support and test with Python 2.7, 3.4+ - by Miro Hrončok
  • fix project url to point ot github - by Neil Halelamien
  • remove some unused imports - by Nir Soffer


  • #406: Add support for running detox as python -m detox Thanks André Caron (@AndreLouisCaron).
  • (infrastructure) add Travis CI setup. Thanks Timothée Mazzucotelli (@Pawamoy).
  • add "-n NUMPROC" option to set number of processes. The default is the number of CPUs as determined by multiprocessing.cpu_count() or "2" if the call does not work (e.g. on py27/windows). Thanks Timothée Mazzucotelli (@Pawamoy).


  • get compatible again to tox-2.0


  • get compatible again to eventlet by avoiding to import eventlet.processes, thanks Takeshi Komiya for the PR.
  • make detox honor skipsdist. Thanks Timoth Messier for the PR.
  • change license to MIT


  • fix issue6: quickly make detox work with tox-1.6 again (although not all 1.6 features supported, e.g. --develop does not work)
  • fix issue3: don't claim a TROVE identifier of "python3" because detox itself depends on eventlet which does not work on py3 yet. (Nevertheless detox will create py3 environments through tox of course)
  • fix issue1: support python2.5 again (although we might drop it in the future -- it's enough of tox/detox can _create and handle py25 environments, they don't neccessarily need to support running themselv on py25)


  • fix issue4 - fail properly if sdist-packaging fails


  • fix issue5 - small adjustments to work with latest tox-1.4.3 version


  • initial release

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