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Developer environment candy

Project description


This is a tool for quickly setting up repositories for development. It was created specifically for python projects, but has some features that should be universally useful.

Create a Box

First install devbox using pip. Then run dcreate python path/to/repository. There are different templates which provide different base configurations for your repo. For more information run dcreate -h.

After running the create command, your repository will have a bunch of new files that provide some default behavior. Alter them as you desire, then add and commit them.


If devbox is installed, you can run dunbox If devbox is not installed, run:

wget && \

If you have already cloned the repository you want to unbox, just pass in the path to the repository and devbox will complete the setup:

wget && \
python path/to/repo


Devbox makes it easy to manage pre-commit hooks. It creates a directory called git_hooks and links that to your .git/hooks directory during setup. Additionally, it provides an easy way to run pre-commit commands on your project or certain modified files in your project. See the modified and all fields for more detail.

Devbox allows you to run arbitrary setup commands when setting up a repository for development. Useful for installing dependencies, creating symlinks, etc.

Devbox allows you to specify project dependencies, which makes it easy to bundle multiple projects together. If your project depends on several libraries that you also frequently edit, you can set the libraries as dependencies and easily set those up for development at the same time as the main project.

Python-specific Features

Devbox provides a simple interface for creating and installing into a virtualenv automatically during setup.

Devbox optionally includes, a utility for automatically generating package versions based on git tags.

For linking to other projects, investigate the parent and dependencies options in the conf file. Those will be respected in the virtualenv.

Format of Devbox conf

.devbox.conf is a json-encoded dictionary with several fields:

dependencies : list
    List of git urls to also clone and set up when unboxing this repo (run
    after pre_setup, before post_setup)
pre_setup : list
    List of commands to run at the start of unboxing. Instead of a system
    command, you may also specify the url of a script (e.g. That script
    will be downloaded and run.
post_setup : list
    List of commands to run after any dependencies have been handled. Can
    specify a url, same as pre_setup.
hooks_all : list
    List of commands to run during the pre-commit hook.
hooks_modified : list
    A list of (pattern, command) pairs. The pattern is a glob that will
    match modified files. During the pre-commit hooks, each modified file
    that matches the pattern will be passed as an argument to the command.
    (ex. [["*.py", "pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc"], ["*.js", "jsl"]])

Python-specific fields:

env : dict
    path : str
        The path to a virtualenv relative to repository root.
    args : list
        List of flags to pass to the virtualenv command (e.g.
parent : str or None
    When unboxing this repo, look for a directory of this name at the same
    level in your directory structure. If it exists, devbox will make a
    symbolic link to that virtualenv instead of constructing one for this

Pre-Commit in-depth

There is a problem with naïve pre-commit hooks. To illustrate this, here is a trivial example.


  • modify files A and B, putting syntax error in B

  • git add A

  • git commit

  • git add B

  • git commit BLOCKED by pre-commit hook failure on B

  • fix and git add B

  • git commit

  • smiles all around


  • modify files A and B, putting syntax error in B

  • git add A

  • git commit BLOCKED by pre-commit hook failure on B

  • sadness

This is a simple example, but it’s very easy to do this to yourself frequently. There’s a much worse variant where the hooks can pass even though you’re committing a broken build. The file is designed to fix this and other issues. It performs a git checkout-index into a temporary folder, copies over any git submodules, and then runs the hooks on those temporary files.


  • First release

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