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Find devices in a lan

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Gentoo ebuild

You can find a Gentoo ebuild in


Find all types of devices in a LAN, an allows to tag them to find if some of then shouldn’t be there




Install in Linux

If you use Gentoo you can find a ebuild in

If you use other distribution compatible con pip, you need to install PyQt5 and devicesinlan with the following commands:

pip install PyQt5

pip install devicesinlan

You need to install PyQt5 first, because is not in Linux dependencies due to it doesn’t use standard setup tools. So for compatibility reasons with distributions like Gentoo, we use this additional step.

Install in Windows as a python module

You need to install Python from and add it to the PATH

You must open a console with Administrator privileges and type:

pip install devicesinlan

If you want to create a Desktop shortcut to launch Xulpymoney you must write in a console:

devicesinlan.exe –shortcuts-create

If you want to delete that Desktop shortcut you can write:

devicesinlan.exe –shortcuts-remove

Install in Windows as a standalone application

You need to download devicesinlan-X.X.X.exe from github release

Just execute it


Turulomio <>. Idea and spanish translation


devicesinlan 0.1.0 20150519

  • Basic funcionality

  • Spanish translation

devicesinlan 0.2.0 20150519

  • Improved class developing

  • Add argument to select net interfaz

  • MAC address matching is now case insensitive

devicesinlan 0.3.0 20150519

  • Catched exception with arp-scan

devicesinlan 0.4.0 20150524

  • Known devices are now sorted by alias and listed

  • Net devices are now sorted by IP address

  • You can add and remove Known devices from command line

  • Net devices list doesn’t show duplicates

devicesinlan 0.5.0 20150617

  • Console output shows the number of devices in the lan

devicesinlan 0.6.0 20150819

  • Added ping search support

  • Made my own arp-scanner

  • Added ieee-oui.txt database with get-oui from arp-scan

devicesinlan 0.7.0 20160717

  • Added UI.

  • First Windows verion

devicesinlan 0.8.0 20170118

  • Added more device types

  • Works -a, -r, -l again

  • Improved apps dependencies

devicesinlan 0.9.0 20170205

  • Pretty list in console

  • Device type added to lists

devicesinlan 0.10.0 20170206

  • Replaced Color class by colorama package

  • There is Color in Windows console reports

devicesinlan 0.11.0 20170207

  • Replaced Thread with PoolThreadExecutor

  • Added setting to set concurrence

  • Improved console reports

devicesinlan 1.0.0 20170208

  • Project man page created

  • Save/load xml lists

  • Check for updates

  • Gets installation statistcs

devicesinlan 1.0.1 20170209

  • Improved statistics system

  • Fix little bugs

devicesinlan 1.0.2 20170222

  • Added logging system

  • Statistics work now in console mode

  • Add a Device can input the type now

  • Add to console mode –load –save –reset

devicesinlan 1.1.0 20170226

  • Logging is deactivated by default

  • Statistics system now sends platform

devicesinlan 1.2.0 20171228

  • Now, You don’t need to be superuser to run DevicesInLan

  • Improved documentation and spanish translation

  • Netifaces removed

  • Removed buggy shortcut

  • Added faster socket to check arp

  • Changed distribution system from innoreader to setup

devicesinlan 1.3.0 20180121

  • Solved translation path bug in linux

  • Current device is showed in blue

  • Now there is an executable for console and other for ui

  • Created documentation for both executables

  • Removed man2html dependency

devicesinlan 1.4.0 20181116

  • Changed to setuptools

  • Now pyinstaller generates a standalone windows executable

devicesinlan 1.4.1 20181116

  • Fix little bugs with windows installation

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