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View, summarize and visualize data in the browser

Project description

# Data Exploration with Matplotlib and D3.js

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This is a small library built with Tornado, Matplotlib and Pandas to summarize and visualize any datasource in the browser.

Currently supports Python 3.x




To install, simply:

$ pip install dexplorer


Starting Data Explorer:

from dexplorer import DataExplorer

dte = DataExplorer() dte.read_csv(‘example.csv’) # connect csv data source dte.start() # starts a new server on port 9011 by default;

Basically this is how it works;

  1. Data is loaded using the Pandas library

  2. The server start with websocket support to the browser

  3. Descriptive summary (Descriptive Statistics) of columns is generated and sent through the socket and rendered in the browser.

  4. Distribution of values (Boxplot and Barplot) in each columns is then generated using Matplotlib and sent to the browser as json.

  5. D3.js is then used to render the json plot in the browser


Documentation can be found [here]()

Running the Tests

To run tests

python -m tornado.testing tests.functests

Project details

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