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Python utilities for DataHack.

Project description

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Python utils for DataHack.

~ dhutil mail confirm_stat
Emails stas on DataHack 2019 registration:
432 total users in the system.
415 users got a confirmation email.

1   Installation

Install dhutil with:

pip install dhutil

2   Configure

dhutil uses configuration files located at a folder named .datahack in your home folder (i.e. ~/.datahack). Create this folder and populate it with the desired files.

2.1   MongoDB

To enable MongoDB access, put a mongodb_credentials.json file in the ~/.datahack folder with the following properties:

  "host": "",
  "port": "26552",
  "usr": "some_user",
  "pwd": "pAsswOrd",
  "authSource": "db_name",
  "srv": true,
  "db": "test"

These are example values; you need to use the database-specific host and port supplied by mlab, a username and password of a user created inside that mlab database (not the username and password used to log into mlab!), and the name of that database as the authSource parameter.

2.2   Email

To enable email access, put an email_credentials.json file in the ~/.datahack folder with the following properties:

    "host": "",
    "port": "587",
    "usr": "zoho_username",
    "pwd": "wOwPassWord"

These are example values; host and port are correct (for the ZohoMail SMTP server), but you need to put the username and password of the ZohoMail account you want to use to send emails, or put in the details of another SMTP server.

2.3   Mailchimp

To enable mail access, put an mailchimp_credentials.json file in the ~/.datahack folder with the following properties:

  "username": "mchimp_uname",
  "secret_key": "o8347583489t03894tr29",
  "registrants_list_id": "9uy24hw9fue",
  "accepted_list_id": "208dj2dj2"

These are example values; use the desired username and issue an API key for that user. Also take the actual ids of the registrants and accepted MailChimp lists.

2.4   Google Drive

To enable Google Drive access, follow the instructions here to create a service account with Google Drive access, and create a json key file for it.

Place this file in the ~/.datahack folder, and rename it to google_drive_service_account_key.json.

Don’t forget to follow all the above instructions, including sharing your spreadsheet with an email you have in your json_key['client_email'] (Otherwise you’ll get a SpreadsheetNotFound exception when trying to open it).

Additionally, create google_drive_cfg.json file at the ~/.datahack folder, and populate it with the key of the users spreadsheet, and the name of the specific worksheet within it in which users are listed:

    "users_spreadsheet_key": "08924ufo8u2ndfuqihdo7g23dfh",
    "users_worksheet_name": "Users"

3   Use

When you install dhutil a command (of the corresponding name) giving access to its CLI is installed on your system. Type dhutil in terminal to get a list of the available sub-commands:

~ dhutil
Usage: dhutil [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

A command-line interface for dhutil.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  mail  Email related commands.
  mailchimp  MailChimp related commands.
  mongo  MongoDB related commands.

3.1   mongo

Some MOngoDB-related utilities. Type dhutil mongo in terminal to get a list of the available MOngoDB-related commands:

~ dhutil mongo
Usage: dhutil mongo [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  MongoDB related commands.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  user_stats  Print user stats.

3.1.1   user_stats

Prints statistics on users in the database.

3.2   mail

Some email-related utilities. Type dhutil mail in terminal to get a list of the available email-related commands:

~ dhutil mail
Usage: dhutil mail [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Email related commands.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  confirm_send  Send confirmation emails.
  confirm_stat  Status of confirmation emails.

3.2.1   confirm_stat

The dhutil mail confirm_stat terminal command will print to termintal how many users got confirmation emails (not acceptance emails):

~ dhutil mail confirm_stat
Emails stas on DataHack 2017 registration:
432 total users in the system.
415 users got a confirmation email.

3.2.2   confirm_send

The dhutil mail confirm_send terminal command will first print to terminal confirmation emails stats, and then will send confirmation emails (not acceptance emails) to any registered user who has not gotten one yet, and will mark them as such. Emails are sent with 50 recipents per-email (so not to use up the daily email quota), which are all BCCed so they can’t see who else is CCed:

~ dhutil mail confirm_send
Emails stas on DataHack 2017 registration:
250 total users in the system.
247 users got a confirmation email.
Sending confirmation emails to all non-confirmed users.
Sending a confirmation email to the following addresses:
['', '', '']
Email sent successfully
Users marked as confirmed on MongoDB

1 confirmation emails were sent to 3 users.

3.3   mailchimp

3.3.1   lists

Lists all the mailing lists on the connected account.

3.3.2   sync_reg

Sync the MailChimp registrants list with the registration system’s DB, adding any missing user. Prints a progress bar while doing so.

3.4   drive


Sync Google Drive acceptance status to MongoDB.

4   Contributing

Package author and current maintainer is Shay Palachy (; You are more than welcome to approach him for help. Contributions are very welcomed.

4.1   Installing for development


git clone

Install in development mode with test dependencies:

cd dhutil
pip install -e ".[test]"

4.2   Running the tests

To run the tests (none at the moment), use

python -m pytest --cov=dhutil

4.3   Adding documentation

This project is documented using the numpy docstring conventions, which were chosen as they are perhaps the most widely-spread conventions that are both supported by common tools such as Sphinx and result in human-readable docstrings (in my personal opinion, of course). When documenting code you add to this project, please follow these conventions.

5   Credits

Created by Shay Palachy (

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