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Utility scripts for SAP Data Intelligence.

Project description

SAP Data Intelligence Admin Tools

This tools help me to manage the user and the security of my DEMO Data Intelligence systems. The pre-requiste is to first install vctl (System Management Command-line) that can be dowloaded from the SAP Download Center.

Command-line scripts


Command line script that supports admin tasks regarding policy managment, like

  • downloading and
  • uploading policies including their resources
  • analyses policy dependency and producing a
    • csv-file of policy resources
    • visualizes policy network

Reads policy data from SAP Data Intelligence and provides a policy network, chart and a resources.csv file for further analysis.

usage: dipolicy [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-g] [-d DOWNLOAD] [-u UPLOAD] [-f FILE] [-a]

"Policy utility script for SAP Data Intelligence. Pre-requiste: vctl. "

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Specifies yaml-config file
  -g, --generate        Generates config.yaml file
  -d DOWNLOAD, --download DOWNLOAD
                        Downloads specified policy. If 'all' then all policies are download
  -u UPLOAD, --upload UPLOAD
                        Uploads new policy.
  -f FILE, --file FILE  File to analyse policy structure. If not given all policies are newly downloaded.
  -a, --analyse         Analyses the policy structure. Resource list is saved as 'resources.csv'.


List of pipelines user has started recently. Needs a config.yaml with SAP Data Intelligence credentials:

URL : ''
TENANT: 'default'
USER : 'user'
PWD : 'pwd123'

didownload - part of diadmin

Downloads SAP Data Intelligence artifacts

  • operators
  • pipelines
  • Dockerfiles

to local files systems in order to be offline modified or tested (operators) or using a local git implementation for a version control. The script as to started from the root folder of the project that has the following structure:


  • operators/
    • package/
      • (optional) subpackage/
        • operator/
          • operator-files
          • ...
  • pipelines
    • package/
      • pipeline/
        • pipeline-file with sub-folders
  • dockerfiles
    • name of dockerfile
      • Dockerfile
      • Tags.json

In the root folder a config.yaml file is needed. With the option --config you can specify which config-file should be used in case e.g. you work with different user or SAP Data Intelligence instances. The basic parameters of config.yaml are

URL : ''
TENANT: 'default'
USER : 'user'
PWD : 'pwd123'

The --help option describes the additional options

didownload --help 
usage: didownload [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-o OPERATOR] [-p PIPELINE] [-d DOCKERFILE] [-g]

Downloads operators, pipelines to local from SAP Data Intelligence to local file system. Pre-requiste: vctl.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Specifies yaml-config file
  -o OPERATOR, --operator OPERATOR
                        Downloads operators from operators-folder
  -p PIPELINE, --pipeline PIPELINE
                        Downloads pipelines from graphs-folder
  -d DOCKERFILE, --dockerfile DOCKERFILE
                        Downloads dockerfiles from dockerfiles-folder
  -g, --gitcommit       Git commit for the downloaded files

diupload - part of diadmin

Uploads locally stored SAP Data Intelligence artifacts

  • operators
  • pipelines
  • Dockerfiles

to an SAP Data Intelligence instance. The usage is similar to didownload that uses the same project structure and config.yaml file.

The --help option describes the additional options

diupload --help
usage: diupload [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-r CONFLICT] [-n SOLUTION] [-s DESCRIPTION] [-v VERSION] [-u USER] {operators,pipelines,dockerfiles,bundle} artifact

Uploads operators, pipelines, dockerfiles and bundle to SAP Data Intelligence. Pre-requiste: vctl.

positional arguments:
                        Type of artifacts. 'bundle'- only supports .tgz-files with differnt artifact types.
  artifact              Artifact file(tgz) or directory

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Specifies yaml-config file
  -r CONFLICT, --conflict CONFLICT
                        Conflict handling flag of 'vctl vrep import'
  -n SOLUTION, --solution SOLUTION
                        Solution name if uploaded artificats should be exported to solution repository as well.
                        Description string for solution.
  -v VERSION, --version VERSION
                        Version of solution. Necessary if exported to solution repository.
  -u USER, --user USER  SAP Data Intelligence user if different from login-user. Not applicable for solutions-upload

Additional Modules in diadmin Package



Generate password with a given length with ascii excluding ambigiuos characters
:param len_pwd: Passeword length (default 8)
:return: password


Generates a generic user-password list with a given user prefix. Used for workshops
:param num_user: Number of users (default 10)
:param len_pwd: Lenght of password (default 8)
:param prefix: User prefix (default user_
:return: dictionary (dict[user]=pwd


Contains functions for

  • creating user lists
  • sychronizing local user list with SAP Data Intelligence user,
  • Assigning and deassigning policies for user

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