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High-speed, Internet-scale, load-balanced paths discovery.

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Diamond-Miner 💎

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D-Miner is the first Internet-scale system that captures a multipath view of the topology. By combining and adapting state-of-the-art multipath detection and high speed randomized topology discovery techniques, D-Miner permits discovery of the Internet’s multipath topology in 2.5 days[^1] when probing at 100kpps.[^2]

🚀 Quickstart

diamond-miner is a Python library to build large-scale Internet topology surveys. It implements the Diamond-Miner algorithm to map load-balanced paths, but it can also be used to implement other kind of measurements such as Yarrp-style traceroutes.

To get started, install Diamond-Miner and head over to the documentation:

# Requires Python 3.10+
pip install diamond-miner


Diamond-Miner has been presented and published at NSDI 2020. Since then, the code has been refactored and separated in the diamond-miner and caracal repositories. The code as it was at the time of the publication is available in the diamond-miner-cpp and diamond-miner-wrapper repositories.

If you use Diamond-Miner, please cite the following paper:

@inproceedings {DiamondMiner2020,
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Diamond-Miner is developed and maintained by the Dioptra group at Sorbonne Université in Paris, France. The initial version has been written by Kévin Vermeulen, with subsequents refactoring and improvements by Maxime Mouchet and Matthieu Gouel.

License & Dependencies

This software is released under the MIT license, in accordance with the license of its dependencies.

Name License Usage
pych-client MIT Querying the database
pygfc MIT Generating random permutations
python-zstandard 3-clause BSD Compression

[^1]: As of v0.1.0, diamond-miner can discover the multipath topology in less than a day when probing at 100k pps. [^2]: Vermeulen, Kevin, et al. "Diamond-Miner: Comprehensive Discovery of the Internet's Topology Diamonds." 17th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 20). 2020.

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