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Module to roll multiple dice.

Project description

Dice rolling

This module aims to implement the throw of many types of dice.


Simply run:

pip install dice-rolling

CLI usage

Once installed, a throw of a simple die of 6 sides can be performed with:

$ roll 1d6
Rolled 1d6 and got 4. [4]

Or, for instance, to throw three 20-sided dice can be as simple as:

$ roll 3d20
Rolled 3d20 and got 36. [14, 9, 13]

Module usage

To use this module you should use the class RollBuilder to implement the throws:

from dice_rolling import RollBuilder

builder = RollBuilder()



The request must start with xdy, where x is the number of dice and y the number of faces of each die.

For example, to roll 4 6-sided dice:

$ roll 4d6
Rolled 4d6 and got 16. [5, 2, 3, 6]

After that, the following modifiers have been implemented (using the previous result as reference):

  • +a: Add the value of a to each die. For example, to roll 4 6-sided dice and add 3 to each roll:

    $ roll 4d6+3
    Rolled 4d6+3 and got 28. [8, 5, 6, 9]
  • khb: Keep the Highest b. For example, to roll 4 6-sided dice and keep the highest 2:

    $ roll 4d6kh2
    Rolled 4d6kh2 and got 11. Kept [5, 6] and discarded [3, 2].
  • klc: Keep the Lowest c. For example, to roll 4 6-sided dice and keep the lowest 2:

    $ roll 4d6kl2
    Rolled 4d6kl2 and got 5. Kept [2, 3] and discarded [5, 6].

Of course you can use together an addition with any of the keep actions:

$ roll 4d6+5kh2
Rolled 4d6+5kh2 and got 21. Kept [11, 10] and discarded [8, 7].

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