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Minimal command-line tool for decompressing DICOM files with compressed pixel data.

Project description


A command-line utility for decompressing DICOM files with compressed pixel data. Optionally, ff photometric interpretation is one of YBR_FULL, YBR_FULL_422, PALETTE COLOR pixel data will be transcoded to RBG.


pip install dicom-decompress

This will install the terminal command dicom-decompress in your environment.

Some transfer syntaxes need the c++ library GDCM installed. Install this by

conda install gdcm -c conda-forge

See here on how to install conda.

To decompress a single file run

dicom-decompress in.dcm out.dcm

where in.dcm is the file to decompress and out.dcm is the decompressed target file. To attempt transcoding for non monochrome or rgb images add the --transcode flag:

dicom-decompress --transcode in.dcm out.dcm

To decompress multiple files in-place run e.g.

find . -name "*.dcm" -exec echo {} \; -exec dicom-decompress --transcode {} {} \;



Update your .pypirc file in your home directory to include

index-servers = 
	<your other servers...>

username: <your pypi username>

  • To build: python sdist bdist_wheel (requires python3 + wheel package)
  • To install: pip install --force-reinstall dist/dicom_decompress-x.y.z-py3-none-any.whl, (x.y.z is version, see
  • To publish
    • Install twine: pip install twine
    • Build package (cf. above)
    • Make sure it passes the twine check: twine check dist/*
    • Publish: twine upload dist/*

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dicom_decompress-0.2.0-py3-none-any.whl (8.3 kB view hashes)

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