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Dicon, simple DI container injection liblary for Python.

Project description

Dicon, simple DI container injection liblary for Python.


Dicon is a simple "DI container injection" library.

## FAQ

- Q. Is `dicon` a dependency injection library?
- A. No, it does not support dependency injection. It supports DI container injection and service (singleton) locator.

## Important points

- Simple to use.
- Clear what it does on each stage.
- Small overhead.

## Features

- `@dicon.inject_di_container` class decorator supports nested DI container injection, without modification on type.
- `dicon.DIContainer` provides class resolver and singleton locating.

### Class resolver, no modification on type

import dicon

class A:

di_container = dicon.DIContainer()

# Resolve class.
class_A = di_container.resolve[A]
a = class_A()
# dicon.DIContainer does not modify type of the object.
assert type(a) is A
# It only modifies constructor. (Normally it will be not a problem.)
assert not (class_A is A)

### Nested DI container injection

class B:
_di_container = None # Here we get instance of DIContainer.

def __init__(self, message):
print(message, self._di_container)

class C:
_di_container = None # Here we get instance of DIContainer.

def __init__(self):
self._b = self._di_container.resolve[B]('B must be have DIContainer:')

di_container = dicon.DIContainer()

# will print 'B must be have DIContainer: ...'

### Singleton locating


## How it works

1. `@dicon.inject_di_container` modifies `__init__` of given class to make it possible `__init__` can take DIContainer as an argument.
2. `DIContainer.resolve` ties itself to that argument by `functools.partial`.

That's all.

For more details, see [tests](tests).

## Other existing solutions

- Dependency injection
- There are lots of DI libraries: for example, [injector](, [pinject](
- IMHO, DI is too complex for python.
- Famous liblaries are too complex and not clear how affect to the program.
- It seems no one support nested injection.
- Service locator
- [wired](
- I personally felt it is too complex.
- [factoryfactory](
- It does not support multiple service locators.

I borrowed design of [MicroResolver]( in API.

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