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fetch synonyms from various web services

Project description

CLI tool to extract synonyms/antonyms from online services, which formats them into dict structures (word|alt :: definition; etc.) suitable for ding.


It's fairly basic, and not all result sets are structured alike. Furthermore the extraction schemes aren't likely to last for long (web scraping is typically a maintenance task).
Only scans for singular words (most services wouldn't return results otherwise). And might yield error messages for charset issues as well.


dingonyms --merriamwebster "find"
Parameter Aliases Class
--thesaurus -t --thes EN
--merriamwebster -mw --merr --webster --merweb EN
--synonym -s --syn EN
--reverso --rev // -fr -es -it -pt -nl -ru -jp EN/**
--wordhippo -hippo --wordhip EN
--mobythesaurus -mby --moby EN
--urban -u --urb --ubn LEXICON
--dictcc --en-es --en-it --de-fr --en-pt DICT
--openthesaurus -ot --othes --open DE
--woxikon -wx --woxi DE
--synonyme_de -sd --desyn DE
--all (-t -mw -syn -rev -ot -wx -urban) MIXED
--en (-t -mw -syn -rev) MIXED
--de (-ot -wx -sd) MIXED
--no-antonyms -na FLAG
--no-headers -nh FLAG
--async --parallel --io FLAG

Flags can be abbreviated and also combined: --thes --merrweb would query two services at once, or --all even all. While --en or --de run through language- specific functions. (See the man page for more details. There is a man page.)

CONFIG IN ~/.dingrc (take care to change 3 to available index)

set searchmeth(3,name) {Synonyms}
set searchmeth(3,type) {3}
set searchmeth(3,dictfile) {}
set searchmeth(3,separator) { :: }
set searchmeth(3,language1) {Group}
set searchmeth(3,language2) {Synonyms}
set searchmeth(3,grepcmd) {dingonyms}
set searchmeth(3,grepopts) {--async --thesaurus --merriamwebster --synonyms}
set searchmeth(3,maxlength) {30}
set searchmeth(3,maxresults) {200}
set searchmeth(3,minlength) {2}
set searchmeth(3,shapedresult) {1}
set searchmeth(3,foldedresult) {0}

You might want to add one entry for each search backend even. (Unique index, title/name, and grepopts --parameter each.)

SETUP (pip3 install -U dingonyms)

You might have to symlink ~/.local/bin/dingonyms into ~/bin after installation. pip-package binaries are often only picked up in terminal/interactive shells.

Hijack as module

Obviously this is priamrily a CLI tool, but can be utilized per monkeypatching:

import dingonyms ls = [] dingonyms.out.alternatives = lambda *x: ls.append(x)

Project details

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