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Utility Package that organizes and moves the specific file types to its type Specific Directories

Project description

Directory Organizer Package

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Have a cluttered Folder/Directory? No Worries!

Directory Organizer is a simple Python Package that scans your folder directory and moves the specific file types to its type-specific directories.

Currently Available for All Platform.

Class Documentation

class directory_organizer.organizer(path = 'Downloads', verbose = False)

By default, path = 'Downloads' of the Base OS and verbosity = False ie no output to the console regarding files moved.

Parameters Description
path Absolute path to the directory when we want to perform our operations.
verbose Controls the verbosity ie console output during our operations.


organizer.showHistory(extension_type = None)
  • Returns a dictionary of the Files that were been moved.
    By default, showHistory() returns dictionary of the all the file types if no argument has been passed.
Parameters Description
extension_type Can be anything among these - ['Documents', 'Pictures', 'Music', 'Videos', 'Archived', 'Programming', Others']

if extension_type is passed as an argument, then a dictionary containing moved files will be returned having extension_type as type.

organizer.showExtensions(extension_type = None)
  • Returns a dictionary of the files extensions that are been supported by the Package currently.
    By default, showExtensions() returns dictionary of the all the file extension types if no argument has been passed.
Parameters Description
extension_type Can be anything among these - ['Documents', 'Pictures', 'Music', 'Videos', 'Archived', 'Programming', Others']

if extension_type is passed as an argument, then a dictionary containing all file extensions having extension_type as type will be returned .

  • Returns the current package version number.


Categorise your files into Pictures, Documents, Music, Videos, Archived, Programming or as Others!

Pictures will be moved to /home/$user/Pictures for Unix-based systems or c:\user\username\Pictures for Windows, same goes for Documents, Music, Videos etc to their respective folders.

All the classes/methods will be imported under the package directory_organizer.

Further File types will be added to existing types to widen support.

Note :

  • By default, Directory Organizer considers base Downloads Directory of your OS.
  • If the File-type doesn't match with either of Pictures/Documents/Videos/Music/Archived/Programming file extensions, then it'll be moved to Others Directory.

This Package has been developed collectively by @rahulbordoloi and @SouravMzdr which has been published to PyPI.


Run the following command on your terminal to install directory_organizer:

1 . Installing the Package using pip:

pip install directory_organizer


pip3 install directory_organizer

2 . Cloning the Repository:

git clone
cd directory_organizer
pip install -e .


Run this Script in order to move all the Files to their respective type folders! [Default]

# Importing Libraries
from directory_organizer import organizer

# Main Method
if __name__ == '__main__':


1 . Selecting Directory and Output as DEFAULT

>>> from directory_organizer import organizer
>>> organizer()
Moving Document File Extensions ...
Moving Picture File Extensions ...
Moving Music File Extensions ...
No Videos to Move!
Moving Archived File Extensions ...
Moving Programming File Extensions ...
Moving Other File Extensions ...
Time Elapsed :  0.22 seconds

2 . Selecting a Random Directory with Output True.

>>> from directory_organizer import organizer
>>> organizer('C:\Personal\Work\Directory Organizer\Test\Random', True)
Moving Document File Extensions ...
6 Files moved to Documents!
AWS Bucket.csv
Moving Picture File Extensions ...
2 Files moved to Pictures!
About ME.png
_MG_8632 copy.jpg
No Music Files to Move!
Moving Video File Extensions ...
1 Files moved to Videos!
Narcos - Main Trailer - Netflix [HD].mp4
Moving Archived File Extensions ...
1 Files moved to Archived!
Moving Programming File Extensions ...
5 Files moved to Programming!
Moving Other File Extensions ...
2 Files moved to Others!
Time Elapsed :  0.07 seconds

Developing Directory Organizer

To install directory_organizer, along with the tools you need to develop and run tests, and execute the following in your virtualenv:

$ pip install -e .[dev]

Security & Bugs

  • As a security measure, this script WILL NOT access files located in any subdirectory unless explicitly stated.
  • Files having the same name as in Source and Target will get Replaced. [Caution]

Contact Author(s)

Name : Rahul Bordoloi
Website :
Email :

Name : Sourav Mazumdar
Email :

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